Who We Are

Our vision, mission, values, impact, and people

Our Vision

We envision a thriving, connected, and equitable ecosystem for new music across the United States

Our Mission

We support and amplify the sounds of tomorrow by nurturing the creation, performance, and appreciation of new music for adventurous listeners in the United States and beyond.

2020-2021 Impact Report

Your support and creativity enabled us to do more than ever before.
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Our Values


We believe that imagination is at the root of building a better, more open world.  We respect the creative spark that drives the artists we support and we seek to innovate through our work. Imagination helps us and our community to discover new sounds, new ideas, and better ways to bring people together.  


We believe that music can only happen in a highly interconnected community including creators, interpreters, presenters, advocates, supporters, listeners, and partners. We see our role as forging and reinforcing connections across aesthetic, geographic, racial, and cultural divides; creating a single community out of many, creating a sense of belonging for all.


It is only by continuing to examine our relationships, artistic communities, and implicit biases that we will be a truly open and equitable organization. The more inclusive our community, the better our understanding of the human and artistic experience. In new music, every sound is welcome. We believe that music can be a change agent for a more just and balanced world.


We seek to empower our whole community by amplifying voices that have not previously been heard and by helping all talented creators to thrive. Enabling artistic creation, access, and expression enriches us as an organization and inspires us to keep extending our work.


New Music USA is from and of the community it serves. Our community’s trust is something we have earned, but it’s not something we will ever take for granted. Integrity is the foundation from which we lead, support, collaborate, and respond as a transparent, accountable, and reliable partner.​​​

New Music USA stands in opposition to injustice and bias against all marginalized communities – including Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and other people of color, immigrants and refugees, the religiously oppressed, LGBTQIA+ communities, women and marginalized genders, and people with disabilities.

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Our Impact

Advocating for new music and our community of performers, composers, and appreciators is at the heart of everything New Music USA does. Here are some of the ways we measure our impact.

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Meet Our People

We’re a passionate team of music makers and music lovers, and we’re proud to be part of the dynamic new music ecosystem in the United States.

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“New Music USA is a vital resource for an extraordinary array of talented artists and organizations across the length and breadth of our country. When I joined as President in 2019, I was inspired by this unique organization's impact and dedication. Now, as we look to the future, there's an urgent need for us to do even more, providing support, and hope to our community during this period of uncertainty and change.”

Pic of Vanessa Reed
Vanessa Reed, President and CEO of New Music USA

Our History

For the past ten years, New Music USA has offered support and opportunities to individual artists and organizations undertaking imaginative and transformative work in music.

We are known for our project grants and programs and our role as advocate for new music discovery in the United States. We represent our community internationally through our membership of the International Association of Music Information Centers and the International Society for Contemporary Music.

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We’re fortunate to have as our legacy, decades of good work done by the American Music Center and Meet the Composer, the two important organizations that merged to form New Music USA in 2011. The American Music Center (AMC) was founded in 1939 as a membership organization by composers Marion Bauer, Aaron Copland, Howard Hanson, Harrison Kerr, Otto Luening, and Quincy Porter. Meet The Composer was founded in 1974 by the New York State Council on the Arts and later run as an independent organization by the composer John Duffy.

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