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Guest Editor series
Qur'an Shaheed

dublab -- Qur'an Shaheed: live performance at dublab for NewMusicBox

A live performance by Qur’an Shaheed, a pianist, poet, singer and songwriter based in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA. Shaheed has been playing piano since the age of four, trained extensively in classical and contemporary music. Since 2012 she has been developing her practice as a songwriter alongside her solo piano and ensemble work.

dublab: Samora and Elena Pinderhughes
Guest Editor series
Samora Pinderhughes

dublab -- Samora and Elena Pinderhughes in conversation exploring the boundaries of creation

Samora and Elena Pinderhughes in conversation around the blurred boundaries between composer, musician, instrumentalist, producer and songwriter. The musical multi-hyphenates dive deep into anecdotes, personal narratives and a bit of philosophy around their processes, their truths and the ways they’ve evolved as creators. They converse with a depth only collaborators who are also siblings can reach.

Guest Editor series
Beatie Wolfe

dublab -- Compositional Curiosities

Listen to Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh and visionary artist Beatie Wolfe talk about the art of composition and other creative curiosities their worlds collide with, including their viral campaign Postcards for Democracy.

Guest Editor series
Elyn Kazarian

dublab - Composing for Film: A Conversation with Emily Rice

For this edition of dublab x New Music USA, join Elyn Kazarian and film composer Emily Rice as they discuss the process behind composing, collaborating with directors, finding your own voice, and ways to build a strong financial foundation. The first hour of the program will include a 30 minute mix of songs from various film scores composed by women.

Tana Yonas

dublab - Composing to the Tempo of Time: The Philosophy of Musical Transcendence in the Ancient Griot World 

The implications of the surge in interest in West African traditional griot music in the United States, Europe, and throughout Africa in the past decade offer much in this analysis of how these cultures intersect and relate to the study and experience of music.

Guest Editor series
Multiple Authors

dublab - Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer: a live performance at dublab

This live performance by Jeremiah Chiu and Marta Sofia Honer took place at the dublab studios featuring some of the music they composed together as part of their recent album, Recordings from the Åland Islands, out now on International Anthem.

Guest Editor series
Mark Frosty McNeill

dublab - Natural Soundscapes

dublab co-founder Mark “Frosty” McNeill visits Griffith Park to chat with Noah Klein, co-founder of the Floating collective which hosts a weekly series of roving soundscapes and soundbaths activated in unique and natural spaces. During the course of their conversation, Klein discusses his personal musical practice, history of community organizing through the lens of music, deep love of nature, and dedication to creative placemaking.

Guest Editor series
Maddi Baird

dublab - Maddi Baird's West Coast/Los Angeles Composers Mix

This mix illustrates the ways west coast & primarily Los Angeles based composers from the past and present experiment with timbre, tone, electronics & genre to create a distinct sound that can only be found through the geographical & natural landscape of the west coast.

Alejandro Cohen

dublab - Who Gets to Compose?

As we launch dublab’s collaboration with New Music USA, we welcome the opportunity to feature the work of many musicians we believe represent the current landscape of contemporary music composition as well as to bring up questions that are uniquely relevant to our current times.

Guest Editor series
NewMusicBox Staff

New Music USA launches NewMusicBox Guest Editor series

New Music USA launches NewMusicBox Guest Editor series with forward-thinking artists and organizations across the US First partnership kicks off today with Los Angeles-based radio station dublab, which will present original content  that explores the current landscape of music composition     New Music USA‘s web magazine NewMusicBox today launches its new ongoing Guest Editor… Read more »