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New Music Creator Fund

The Creator Fund offers grants to individual music creators who need support to get to the next stage of their creative practice.


New Music Creator Fund

The Creator Fund offers grants to individual music creators who need support to get to the next stage of their creative practice.

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The Creator Development Fund received major support from The ASCAP Foundation, The Cheswatyr Foundation, the Howard Gilman Foundation, The Sorel Organization and the BMI Foundation. This program is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature, and supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. Support for the New Music Creator Development Fund is also provided by contributions from the New Music USA endowment. Support for New Music USA and its many programs and activities is provided by foundations, corporations, government agencies, and hundreds of individual contributors. 

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The New Music Creator Fund offers grants to individual music creators who need support to get to the next stage of their creative practice. The program will support costs which relate to collaboration with other artists and practitioners. Individual performers may also apply as long as their collaborator is a music creator. Our aim is to enable music creators to take the lead in the development of new and existing ideas and projects. We are also striving to stimulate creativity and collaboration between music creators and other artists from any discipline or background and to build community in response to the restrictions we have all been facing.

Program approach and priorities

We aim to support and represent a broad range of individuals across the country and musical spectrum. We expect the applicant pool to be very diverse in terms of genres, styles, and aesthetic and we will be particularly interested in applicants that display originality of sound, music, and artistry, shaping the future of music creation and sound.   

Projects should be in progress or be developed in roughly the next year. Our commitment to an equitable ecosystem for new music means that we are particularly interested in receiving proposals from BIPOC and other under-represented artists. 

Given the large volume of applications our process will prioritize the following in making determinations: 

  • Music creators who have evidence of experience making music professionally and are engaged in music on a professional level.  
  • Projects that do not already have funding or limited funding  
  • Projects involving new collaborations 
  • Projects that involve artistic growth or stretch, innovation, or have an impact on creative practice  
  • Projects that display originality of sound, music, and artistry, shaping the future of music creation and sound.  
  • Projects that impact or contribute to the community in some way.  

What we mean by collaboration

This fund encourages new collaborations. We are leaving the nature of the collaborative practice to applicants to define – it may revolve around existing work that you want to bring to life, record, or transform for a new medium. It could focus on the creation of new work, the R&D time you need with your artistic collaborators and/or a live or virtual performance of some kind. Most important to our fund is that the work you propose will have a positive impact on the next steps in yours and the other participants creative practice.  

What the program supports

Applicants will be able to seek support for a variety of activities which may form part of their collaboration. Applications must be led by music creators and can involve creative collaborators from any discipline.  

We are open to hearing from you about the support you need to initiate or sustain collaboration with other artists and to help you keep creating in these uncertain times. We will prioritize proposals with the most potential to have a significant impact on the creative practice and potential. We are most interested in hearing how this project will help provide a breakthrough or help you advance in your career, the impact it will have, and why funding for the project is needed at this particular time, the urgency for support. 

We envision that costs incurred through your collaborative work may include: 

  • Support for the time you need to create new material and initiate new collaborations with your proposed artist(s) 
  • Creation fees for a work in progress that does not have additional support 
  • Performer or other collaborator fees
  • Project specific equipment 
  • Recording costs 
  • PR/marketing 
  • Technical assistance/skills building  
  • Support for digital presentation 
  • Workshopping  
  • Joint R&D (research and development) into new project ideas  
  • Other costs you consider to be essential e.g. childcare for yourself or a collaborating artist 

What the program does not support

  • Benefits or fundraisers 
  • Competition Fees 
  • Projects that are already 100% funded 
  • Projects that have already been completed 
  • Funds for international collaborators  


We plan to make 50 to 60 awards of up to $5,000 each (with the average grant being $3,000) with funding from New Music USA’s endowment and annual funders. 

Funding transparency 

Both the New Music Creator Fund and the New Music Organization Fund are made possible by the generous funders who either donated to our endowment or generously donate to New Music USA annually. Some of these funders had or have specific requests regarding the kinds of work we support because of their geographical location or specific area of interest. We are providing the facts and figures below so that all applicants have a better insight into these restrictions, which influence the applications our advisors select. Please note that applications may cover a number of the categories listed below; others may not fit with any. 

  • Award rates are generally between 5% and 10% of the overall applicant pool (this means we support around 1/10 of the applications we receive each year) 
  • Roughly 25% of the applications we fund must include the creation of new work (e.g. commissions and facilitation of brand new pieces of music) 
  • Roughly 25% of the applications we award must include creation or programming of live music for dance (creation, performance, choreographer, and dancer fees) 
  • Geographical restrictions are as follows: 
  • 49% of our grants budget is available without geographical restriction  
  • 35% is restricted to New York City based artists/organizations 
  • 11% is restricted to New York State based artists/organizations 
  • 2% is restricted to New Jersey based artists/organizations 
  • 2% is restricted to California Bay Area based artists/organizations 
  • 1% is restricted to Pennsylvania based artists/organizations 

Equity and Inclusion 

New Music USA is committed to inclusivity and equitable treatment in all of our activity and across our nation’s diverse population. We strive for our applicants and awardees to represent a broad spectrum and welcome the unique contributions that artists bring in terms of their education, opinions, culture, genre, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, dis/ability, languages spoken, religious beliefs, and geography. We encourage applications from Black, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQIA+ artists and artists with dis/abilities. 


  • The lead applicant must be a US-based music creator 
  • This is for individuals only; organizations cannot apply 
  • Each lead applicant may only submit one request 
  • If the lead applicant appears on another application as a collaborator, only one project containing the applicant will be selected for an award 
  • If a collaborator appears on more than one application, only one project containing the collaborator will be selected  for an award 
  • Lead applicants may not have been funded in the previous round of the New Music Creator Fund (December 2021 deadline, announced in April).  
  • The applicant must be pursuing music on a professional level 
  • Activities/use of the funds should be in process and/or planned as of April 2023.  

Click here to visit the application, which contains more details. Visit the FAQ page here.

Read the full announcement on the 2022 Creator Development Fund awardees here.

(Pictured above: Sofia Rei, photo by Shervin Lainez.)

2022 Creator Development Fund Grantees

Abraham Brody – EYIBRA

Brooklyn, NY

Music for MUXX, an EP of music written and produced by EYIBRA and NNUX for their performance piece 'Bigiridiribela' in collaboration with artists Lukas Avendaño and Oswaldo Erreve, which will premiere in September 2022 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Adam Levin

Ashland, MA

Duo Mantar, comprised of Israeli mandolinist Jacob Reuven and American classical guitarist Adam Levin, commissioned Israeli composer Ziv Cojocaro to compose a double concerto for mandolin, guitar, and orchestra to be premiered and recorded at the Israeli Music Festival in late September 2022.

AhSa-Ti Nu Tyehimba-Ford

Oakland, CA

AhSa-Ti Nu in collaboration with Latriece Love-Goodlett will work to create music that will give voice to women of color who are extremely marginalized, overwhelmed, overworked, and overlooked.

Alaina Ferris

Brooklyn, NY

Simone de Beauvoir at the Museum is a fantastical and absurd chamber opera that follows the story of Evelyn, an aspiring writer from Brooklyn struggling with PTSD and her life as an artist, after she accidentally summons a feminist vampire named Gustave while visiting the Musée D’Orsay in Paris.

Alex Peh

New Paltz, NY

Burmese Sandaya Piano is a multi-modal ethnographic film and live performance that explores parallel piano worlds from around the globe, featuring Burmese Sandaya piano, Persian piano, and Greek Laiko styles.

Alexis Cuadrado

Brooklyn, NY

Midwood Movie Film Score. The first movie studio in the US was built in, what is today, a predominantly Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Brooklyn. Midwood Movie (directed by Melissa Friedling with music by Cuadrado) is an experimental documentary that explores the historical layers of this continuously repurposed site, unearthing the anti-Semitism and racism of one of the studio’s co-founders which reverberates uneasily here.

Alysia Lee

Baltimore, MD

A new choral work that integrates the perspectives of young people, models mutual transformative artistic collaboration, and explores youth-led approaches for action and allyship in support of environmental justice.

Amir ElSaffar

Brooklyn, NY

A multi-media creation featuring electro-acoustic music by Amir ElSaffar on trumpet, voice, santur, and modular synthesizer accompanied by animated oscillographic visual art created by musician, producer, filmmaker, and visual artist Devin Greenwood.

Andrew Algire

Valley Cottage, NY

Recording of three compositions by Andy Algire for the group Sound Bridges.

Arthur Flowers

Syracuse, NY

A Modest Exhortation is a satirically flavored prophetic warning about threats to the American experiment of democracy in coming elections in these uniquely challenging times.

Ashni Dave

Brooklyn, NY

This project explores what we inherit through generations of women before us: shame and trauma responses, how they’re stored in the body, and how they’re met with resilience - to reflect on and heal generational pain and to uncover resources.

Billy Dean Thomas

Boston, MA

My new work in collaboration with MICHIYAYA Dance is a reclamation of intimacy that processes how a group of queer nonbinary folx and femmes take ownership of their sensuality without societal pressures and stigmas placed onto our bodies.

Bobby Ge

Baltimore, MD

Nanjing West Road is a new 20 min. work for soprano, chamber ensemble, and electronics that themes of memory, loss, and Westernization in 21st century Shanghai through the blurred lens of a lost friendship.

Borahm Chay

New York, NY

Ritual of Le Sac is a story telling music of our journey - it is an attempt to remember our very first life stage in uterus, and the journey of shifting from water to air when we come out of mother's womb.

Brandon Rolle

Los Angeles, CA

Glitch Portraiture is an immersive new electroacoustic chamber concerto for violinist Mari Kimura, featuring her original interactive performance-sensor technology, MUGIC®.

Brian Nelson

Houston, TX

Big Chief Brian Harrison Nelson presents “Nouveau Bounce” is an innovative project that merges ancient West African song forms and percussive rhythms of the Mardi Gras Indian(MGI) tradition with the contemporary rhythms and beats of New Orleans Bounce and Hip Hop with a touch of New Orleans Jazz, R&B, and African Afrobeat music.

Carmina Escobar

Los Angeles, CA

Carmina Escobar and Ron Athey roame the vocality of the mystical body and landscape in a trilogy of ritual vocal recordings exploring the transcendental landscapes in California rich ecology.

Caroline Cabading

San Francisco, CA

Sugilanon is a filmed Filipino-American epic poem inspired by the Kalinga epic, “di Ullaim” and featuring a suite of original music and verse compositions that fuse jazz with indigenous pre-colonial Philippine musical motifs, instrumentation and dance as it follows four generations of a San Francisco family’s heroic history from 1904-2005.

Carter Hogan

Austin, TX

"Creekbed Carter" is a self-titled album about saints, grief, rural Oregon, trans joy, and laughing at the edge of the end of the world.

Cecilia Kang

Baton Rouge, LA

The mission of Project H2 is to bring awareness and encourage dialogue on contemporary social issues that promote human connection and acceptance by commissioning chamber works inspired by global diasporas.

Chari Glogovac-Smith

Seattle, WA

Indeterminate Bodies, a sound, movement, and technology project, explores the concept of embodiment through experimental soundscapes and performance.

Chelsea Randall

Brooklyn, NY

A performance and commissioning project in collaboration with kora player Malang Jobarteh, which will explore the interrelationship between West African kora music and classical piano repertoire from the 20th century to the present. The concert will feature a newly commissioned piece for piano and kora reflecting on this juxtaposition, by Jobarteh.

Christopher Nicholas

Oakland, CA

Nicholas is commissioning composer pianist, JooWan Kim and Edward James (aka Sandman) to write music and rap lyrics for a new work called Parangsae 파랑새 (meaning “Blue Bird”). It’s an ambitious work that samples hip-hop, classical, and a Korean folk song, Parangsae, which originated from Donghak Peasant Revolution of 1849, Korea. It will premiere as part of the Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience at Asian Art Museum in collaboration with SF Arts Commission on Nov 10, 2022.

Clara Latham

Brooklyn, NY

Betty the Mom is the second installment in a series that radically imagines the lives of historical women who were also mothers.

Concetta Abbate

Glendale, NY

A 45 minute Narrative Chamber Suite depicting the story an underwater shadow ghost. Highlighting themes of catharsis and trauma the music follows the life cycle of a tortured creature emerging from the deep sea. Written by Concetta Abbate for 10 piece orchestra.

Damon Davis

St. Louis, MO

Ligeia Mare is a sci-fi electronic fantasy opera written and composed by Davis. It tells the story of Cosmo, an awkward adolescent who can astral project while dreaming. Ultimately it is a story that explores how myths can be doorways to reclaiming our identity.

Daniel Corral

South Pasadena, CA

Composer Daniel Corral, director Alexander Gedeon, and choreographer DaEun Jung will collaborate on a new dance opera.

Danny Degene

Seattle, WA

DONNA DESTROYA is a collaboration between three queer and BIPOC artists- Danny Denial, Nicolle Swims of Black Ends, and R.J. Crow, a multi-media project that combines music with comics to tell a coming-of-story that touches on race, sexuality, religion, gender identity and drag. The project aims to release the illustrations and music alongside one another in 2022, championing black queer voices from black queer artists in a way the community hasn't seen before.

David Fiuczynski

Redding, CT

Screaming Headless West African MicroJamz!....:Exploring heritage through music and dance, the Screaming Headless Torsos will embark on a musical journey backwards and forwards in time by engaging with traditional percussionist and dancer Joh Camara from Mali.

Edem K. Garro

Omaha, NE

African Body, Soul & Movement, surrounds the topic of ’Sound'. The way sound has influenced and shaped humanity, and the way it will continue to do so until humanity’s end.

Elisabeth Remy Johnson

Atlanta, GA

Estrelas for solo harp will be composed by Clarice Assad and performed by harpist Remy Johnson, accompanied by visuals created by Xuan. The project illuminates and celebrates the roles of women in astrophysics by using archival images of the “computers” at Harvard Observatory and modern-day research of astroparticle physicist Dr. Angela Olinto.

Emily Koh

Norcross, GA

Koh (composer), Mo Zhou (stage director), and Guerilla Opera (producer) are creating and developing a new chamber opera titled HER|alive.un.dead, a surrealist family drama about three generations of Chinese women who are immigrants to the US. The NMUSA grant will allow us to workshop HER|alive.un.dead (focusing on the technology-heavy scenes in the Afterlife) over one week this summer. We will have musical workshops, and technical workshops throughout the week to experiment with technology needed for video mapping, live information capture and real-time visual manipulations, and end the week with a fully-staged performance of the scenes in the Afterlife for an audience-creator feedback session.

Erika Dohi

New York, NY

'Myth of Tomorrow' is the second installment of Erika Dohi's debut album 'I, Castorpollux', released in May 2021 under label 37d03d. Based on the Japanese artist Taro Okamoto's mural of the same name, 'Myth of Tomorrow’ will feature compositions by Dohi, and will be produced by composer William Brittelle.

Everett Reid

Detroit, MI

‘888’ is a journey through kinetic compositions, highlighting the performance and sonic identity of the Nova Portals — a touchless instrument designed by Nova Zaii — as well as the ethereal contributions from a host of visionary artists.

Frances White

Princeton, NJ

Upon Reflection is a chamber opera for soprano, recorders, viols, and electronic sound that explores the transformative empathy that art inspires. After a searing encounter with Schubert's "Winterreise", a young photographer confronts her alienation from her art and searches her work, longing for others to find her there by seeing as she sees.

Freddie Bryant

Bronx, NY

“UPPER WEST SIDE LOVE STORY” is an extended, full-concert length composition for nonet featuring 8 haiku and 8 longer poems as lyrics documenting the multi-racial history of the famous NYC neighborhood and the changes that have happened since the mid-1900s when Lincoln Center was constructed after demolishing much of the neighborhood.

Gabriel Brenner

Norwalk, CA

Embers is a continuation/iteration/transmutation of Brushfire, my debut album, in which I rework several of the album's songs and create new ones with collaborators to explore how grief isn’t a single instance but instead a constantly mutating relationship with an end.

Gilad Cohen

Ridgewood, NJ

A musical-theatrical piece with Ronvé O’Daniel for a rappers/vocalists and orchestra that explores the impact of recent worldwide events on our future as a society, in a hybrid of the classical concerto and hip hop’s concept EP.

Gwen Laster

Beacon, NY

Cosmogram is new music inspired by A Hero's Journey from the lens of the African Diaspora . Utilizing the readings from Clyde W. Ford's "The Hero with an African Face", musician/composers Damon Banks, Trina Basu and Arun Ramamurthy will join Gwen Laster in composing and recording new works based on these readings and their personal journey as Black and South Indian Classical musicians and composers.

Harry Allen

Washington D.C.

harbanger is collaborating with legendary production honcho DJ Johnny Juice because of his decades of studio practice, and reputation as a turntablist: His landmark, temperamental performance on the "Terminator X Getaway Version" of Public Enemy's 1987 "You're Gonna Get Yours" retains its feral, unhinged energy 35 years after release.

Hezekiah Davis III

Philadelphia, PA

Hyeyung Yoon

Jersey City, NJ

Violinist and composer Yoon and hanji artist Aimee Lee will create a collection of sound and visual pieces to be performed and shared inspired by a letter written by a Korean mother in 1795 to her deceased 10-month-old daughter. Titled Uhmuhni, the work will traverse the landscapes of Korea and the USA through the memories of generations of Korean women before them.

JayVe Montgomery

Brentwood, TN

Working with Ben Lamar Gay and chatterbird ensemble’s Maya Stone and Joshua Dent, as well as community participants, to perform a site-specific score by Montgomery, entitled "Nobody Knows The Trouble I Hear"; based in the plantation soundscape memory of Charley Williams, a Louisiana Black man born enslaved in 1843.

Jeff Fairbanks

Beacon, NY

Echo is a new multicultural composition for a mix of Korean and European instruments, inspired by a farmer drumming pattern called Chilchae.

Jessica Ackerley

Honolulu, HI

Breaking Boundaries to Broaden Horizons: Sonically, Socially, Culturally, Politically. This is a diverse quartet of performers reimagining the idea of a conventional concert by breaking sonic and cultural boundaries through the merging of jazz, experimental noise, Brazilian and traditional Japanese music.

Jim Rea

Springfield, MO

Rea will create a collaborative, multi-generational album titled Ozark Cross Generation Songwriter Collaboration, featuring musicians and songwriters that are native to the Ozarks region in hopes of continuing the rich musical tradition they have there.

Joe Horton

Minneapolis, MN

TWIN is an in-development evening length piece of music from composer Joe Horton and violin/viola duo AndPlay.

Joey Chang + Damian Norfleet

Brooklyn, NY / Minneapolis, MN

Rajanir is a 30-40 minute opera incorporating improvisation and live processing electronics in development by composer-vocalist Damian Norfleet and composer-pianist Joey Chang.

Jordyn Davis

Brooklyn, NY

Recording Jordyn Davis & Composetheway, the title of Davis' debut album featuring a mixed chamber ensemble that includes jazz octet, strings, harp & vocals.

Jose Soto

Boston, MA

This project consists of studying the musical and social philosophy of the Costa Rican indigenous community Bribri, using sung poetry from this community to compose new music and do a virtual performance.

Jose Veliz

Miami, FL

Featuring new works by various composers and multidisciplinary artists, Artasis will be a series of performances and installations that explore how technology developments are changing the way we experience and interact with music and art.

Joshua Hill

Glendale, CA

Song Cycle is a multimedia project that illuminates the powerful connection between music and dementia, through the intimacy of once family's story this project aims to reveal the universal challenges of dementia and the need for self expression.

Joshua Henderson

New York, NY

This project is the Album recording of a new Chamber composition, "One More Night", a contemporary examination of the infamous "Day the Music Died", by Josh Henderson for Nonet of Vocalist, Saxophone, Electric Guitar, Drum set, synths and string quartet; featured artists will be the Desdemona Quartet, Caroline Davis, Brendon Randall-Myers, Rick Martinez and Sylver Wallace.

Joshua Graham

Chicago, IL

As we reconstruct after the pandemic, F-PLUS has a number of new works to prepare and premiere in the coming season, with rehearsal blocks and travel being assisted by a grant from New Music USA.

Joshua Musikantow

St Paul, MN

"Yiddish is My Homeland" is a new art song for mezzo soprano, baritone, and string quartet, setting American Yiddish language poetry.

Joyce Kwon

Glendale, CA

Future History is an album rooted in Jungian thought in which singer/composer/gayageum player Kwon reminisces on the "deep time" of Richard Rohr, recreates "the sound that broke the back of words" from Toni Morrison, and imagines Zhuangzi in love—inviting you to usher the numen back into your life through song.

JP Merz

Los Angeles, CA

Salvaging Birds is an EP for flute and AI-generated electronics featuring Alex Sopp and Yoshi Weinberg. An extension of a research project of the same name led by Maya Livio, this interdisciplinary collaboration investigates the logics of environmental data, speculatively queers birdsong datasets, and complicates datafied approaches to conserving what and who is left of our world.

Juantio Becenti

Farmington, NM

The Glittering World is a collaboration between A Far Cry and Performance Santa Fe to commission a new work from Navajo composer Juantio Becenti. The goal is to perform the work in several venues including on the Navajo Nation.

Juhi Bansal

Altadena, CA

Bringing together community participation, shared story-telling, and cross-stylistic collaboration in Hindustani and Western classical music, Juhi Bansal and Ranjana Ghatak spearhead Amplifying Women's Voices, an album and digital space on music about women's stories.

Julian Otis

Chicago, IL

Mad Myth Science is an electro acoustic quartet sustained throughout the pandemic as a collaborative effort to keep the music going in our isolation. Our goal is to share this cumulative work with audiences through a recorded album and live performances in 2022.

Julian Caldwell – JSWISS

New York, NY

Rapper JSWISS collaborates with producer Michael Leonhart on their dynamic debut album "Bona Fide" after a successful run of JSWISS featuring on live performances with Leonhart's orchestra in 2019.

Julián Muro

Brooklyn, NY

Julián Muro, the Bergamot Quartet, and a band of highly accomplished jazz players will be workshopping, performing, and recording a set of original compositions titled An Idea of Truth based on Julián's distinctive approach to Argentine styles such as Tango, Folklore, and Rock Nacional, with production by acclaimed musician Dave Douglas.

Kahlil Cummings

Los Angeles, CA

Kahlil Cummings Album "Extra Ancestral" With the support of Music USA Kahlil Cummings will be able to complete his debut album with his creation band/ensemble Extra Ancestral

Kai Custodio

Brooklyn, NY

Through music and ritual, mirrorscene is a sonic odyssey to celebrate QTBIPOC identities and reflect diasporic ancestral magic.

Kamau Pendergrass

Oak Park, MI

Pendergrass will use field recordings as well as composing music to capture the sounds and the feeling of Detroit as he has known it in his life to this point in a work titled Detroit Future City.

Kimia Hesabi

College Park, MD

"Neera: a play" is a multimedia piece telling a story about real and fictional women from Iran, taking inspirations from Farsi literature, myths, and poetry, as well as Iranian and western classical, contemporary, and folk music traditions.

Kirsten Volness

Portland, OR

"The Stories We Live By" is an evening-length song cycle written for Tis Kaoru Zamler-Carhart and Verdant Vibes comprised of songs based on myths from around the world that center strong non-binary characters.

Lea Anderson

New York, NY

I have three REMIXES from GHANA’s own DJ Bass that need vibrant visualizations. I mashed them up and would like to make one epic music video for. I believe that it could help take my career to the next level while honoring my ancestors that where “supposed to be” from Ghana.

Maritza Garibay

Hamtramck, MI

Cleansed is an operetta on the theme of ceremonial bathing in the intersectional cultural community of Detroit's North End, one that is focused on the role of cleansing, both as public ritual and within the soul and spirit.

Marvin Diz Aballi

Astoria, NY

Percussion is a foundation within music. It is a spiritual starting point that connects us with a past, a root; a cultural context. There is a whole musical world to explore starting from percussion.

Mary Ellen Childs

Minneapolis, MN

DrumRoll is a music-video installation with 5 video projections and surround sound, filmed with GoPro cameras on the drummers’ foreheads. Entering the gallery, the viewer has the experience of entering the inside of the performance, watching the motion from 4 performers’ points of view simultaneously.

Matthew Ryals

Brooklyn, NY

A collaboration between people, software, and modular synthesizers focused on developing processes for generating varied musical structures.

Megan Lanz

Aurora, CO

Megan Lanz (flute) and Cayla Bellamy (bassoon) have joined composer Frank Horvat to create a new work exploring the psychological framework of metaphorical ghosts that haunt us all through the human experience - struggles with control, trust, and the sense of being “enough.”

Meghan Bennett

Fresno, CA

Homecoming is an audiovisual art piece featuring works by Allison Loggins-Hull and Nathalie Joachim. It shares my varied perspective on my hometown of Charleston, SC, which I deeply love. As a Black woman, an artist, and a descendant of Gullah people, Homecoming represents me.

Mendi + Keith Obadike

Montclair, NJ

RingShout is a musical satellite that will orbit the earth and transmit a radio broadcast of original music and audio interviews. Taking inspiration from Octavia E. Butler’s early writing, our piece will be an original piece of music referencing the African American folk song “Watch the Stars” that includes the voices of Black girls named Star.

Michael Charette

Bayfield, WI

Tales of Laughing Fox is a multicultural album combining indigenous flute with western style compositions. Laughing Fox leads in this Indigenous fusion of musics. Covid put us in positions where we have to reach out letting our circle fly wide, and that it has. Collaborating with musical talents of composer Severin Behnen (CA) and recording engineer and producer Julio Montero (NY), we strive to create a truly unique listening experience, in hopes of bringing cultures together.

Michael Blume

Montclair, NJ

Weaving synth soundscapes and pop vocal stylings with sensitive lyricism, Word to the Trees is a love song to the Earth and to the self, lamenting the harm that's been caused, while reaching toward an ever-present glimmer of hope.

Michael Echaniz

Santa Clarita, CA

Stage IV cancer survivor leads debut concept album of original compositions and arrangements for jazz trio, vocal layers, and special guests. This eighty-minute LP ambitiously explores through-composition, rhythmic virtuosity, thematic symmetry, Basque ancestry, and a deeply personal emotional connection to personal tragedy and resilience.

Midori Larsen

Forest Hills, NY

Communicating a message to women and girls to explore the world and pursue their goals under any circumstances, Larsen’s project “Crossing the Seas” is a series of original chamber music compositions featuring the Japanese and Western musical elements, based on the migration journeys of herself and her late grandmother.

Moira Smiley

Bristol, VT

Song Cycle starting from a smartphone as the new Narcissian gazing pool, and spiraling through modern refractions of the ancient characters: Narcissus, Nemesis, Echo and Tiresias

Monique (BL) Shirelle Mull

Philadelphia, PA

The Die Jim Crow EP II features justice-impacted artists from across America and examines incarceration from multiple perspectives through R&B, hip hop, and rock & roll.


Brooklyn, NY

"Cowboy Song // mythology" is a queer folk(loric) journey into alternate universes, queer love, and trans boihood. These seven musical myths, original and adapted, search for happy endings and ask: what happens when you fly too close to the sun?

Nava Dunkelman

Brooklyn, NY

IMA is the electro-percussion project of percussionist Dunkelman (JP) and electronic sound artist Amma Ateria (HK) based in New York and California. Through restraint and release, IMA depicts expressionistic noise music of Japanese poetry with the meticulous industrial and serene.

Nehemiah Luckett

New York, NY

Triple Threats is a new musical by Tracey Conyer Lee and Nehemiah Luckett set in 1981 that examines the intersection of race and being an artist in the US.

Nicolas Lell Benavides

Los Angeles, CA

Benavides' debut album Canto Caló explores the cultural themes and sounds of the often-overlooked Southwestern United States, focusing on Nuevomejicano culture and history in particular.

Niloufar Nourbakhsh (Partnership Grantee)

Vernon Rockville, CT

Nourbakhsh directs the Composition Residency program at the Afghanistan’s National Institute of Music (ANIM), which provides composition workshops to young female creators in Afghanistan. Funded by a New Music USA Partnership Grant.

Nirmali Fenn

Forest Hills, NY

The Muslim call to prayer, the adhan is written into this piece for Bassoon and String Quartet. I am treating the bassoon’s call to prayer as an exhalation that is being ‘inhaled’ by the strings as they respond to the prayer. In amplifying the sound of the adhan, this piece uses prayer as a tool of resistance.

Noah Preminger

Mansfield, MA

Through their mutual focus on pushing the boundaries of instrumental virtuosity toward innovative uses of rhythm and harmony, Preminger and Cass' strong connection through their THUNDA project continues to move the artists’ compositions and improvisations into new territory.

Nyokabi Kariuki

Potomac, MD

A multi-movement work on the physical and emotional experience of being sick; particularly drawing from the experiences of Black writers & musicians on their own dealings with pain and reckonings of mortality.

Odean Pope

Philadelphia, PA

ReSounding Progressions is a composing/performance project, a collaboration between two accomplished saxophonist/composers, Odean Pope and Immanuel Wilkins, to create an integrated, evening-length composition inspired by the content and unique structure of the poem Progressions, written by jazz poet and cultural scholar Herman Beavers.

Paris Benford

Austin, TX

Soulful songstress Paris Aryanna delivers her highly anticipated second EP, Flow State in 2022.

Paul Steven Ray

Brooklyn, NY

Deceleration 2, a Live installation for voice, guitar, percussion, digital/electronic sound, visuals, and physical performers is one chapter of an extended work addressing themes of fragility, parallel realities, and protective love.

Rema Hasumi

Brooklyn, NY

Rema Hasumi Trio Concert Series: Randy Peterson (drums) and Adam Lane (bass) will join Hasumi (piano, synthesizer, voice) for a series of performances presenting a soundscape with a blend of free jazz, experimental, dub, esoteric and spiritual ambiance.

Roshni Samlal

Elmont, NY

Tabla player, Roshni Samlal envisions a percussion-forward ode to her familial Trinidadian musical history and to song forms born out of indentureship, influenced by the mythos of exile, Bhojpuri folk songs, chutney music, sound design contextualized tabla solos and the narrative waters of memory in carrying stories to new lands.

Russell Scarbrough

Rochester, NY

Featuring 40+ musicians worldwide, Russell Scarbrough remotely recorded 10 original pieces during the 2020-21 pandemic, over 60 minutes of music for 18-piece jazz orchestra, culminating in the record "FUN TIMES" to be released late in 2022.

Sakari Vanderveer

Redlands, CA

Sakari Dixon Vanderveer composes a solo piece for Chester Englander’s album Chrysalis, a collection of new cimbalom works by American composers that will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the invention of the concert cimbalom.

Samantha Rise

Philadelphia, PA

Remembrance is a work of communal music making, honoring our grief for the world, and the hardship of loss, separation and inaccessibility during the Coronavirus pandemic. Collectively brought to life with audience collaboration during its performance, artists will create a ritual-container, leveraging music as a technology for community care.

Seong Ae Kim

Bayside, NY

Seong Ae Kim composed a new work "2 Folk songs for soprano and chamber ensemble (2022)" to promote #StopAAPIHate and Left Coast Chamber Ensemble who commissioned the work and will give the premiere performance in San Francisco, CA.

Shanan Estreicher

Jackson Heights, NY

A Concordance of Leaves is a cantata for baritone, choir, and piano that will be premiered by James John and the Queens College Vocal Ensemble, and recorded for a release on Composers Concordance Records.

Shara Nova

Detroit, MI

Featuring double choral and brass ensembles, vocal soloists, and an animated film created by Ritchie, Infinite Movement finds connections between disparate images and sound, and imagines what might exist in the space between them.

Sofia Rei

Brooklyn, NY

Folklore & Futurism will be a series of collaborations between Rei and other female Latinx artists that explore the connection between traditional Latin American folk culture, alternative genres and digital technologies.

Spirit Paris McIntyre

New Orleans, LA

Spirit Paris McIntyre's Don’t Speak Over Me is a multi-dimensional soundscore with poetry, music, and the interviews of Transgender, Gender-Non-Conforming and Gender-Variant+ people. It is a creative response to the experience of having relative strangers speak gender, gendered expectations, and gendered ignorance over us.

Sugar Vendil

Brooklyn, NY

Antonym is a multimedia memoir of a Filipinx American childhood. If nostalgia is a yearning for the past, Antonym longs for forward motion and envisions the future as an escape from pain.

Suzanne Kite

Tulsa, OK

Suzanne Kite will be using these funds towards a performance on June 5th in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario where she will bring five other improvising musicians to create a new experimental composition, based on Lakota geometric forms.

Svetlana Shmulyian

Pound Ridge, NY

Swing Makes You Sing EP is a collection of high quality original jazz songs for kids to experience authentic connection to fundamentals of jazz and the values and social skills that jazz embodies - through topics that are relevant to young people (e.g. conversation, listening, friendships, food, school, feelings).

Trevor New

Brooklyn, NY

Cohere "Touch" is a piece and a virtual installation that allows in-person and virtual participants to both see and been seen, participate sonically in the performance, and have everyone together shape a visual canvas and sound FX with movement. It is about taking everyone involved in the piece, performers and audience, and having their presence echo across the performance.

Veena Chandra

Latham, NY

VeenaChandra and Sanchita Bhattacharya come together to portrait the image of women in Indian history through their mesmerizing performance on Sitar and Odissi Dance.

Victor Márquez-Barrios

Kirksville, MO

Dance Lessons II (for wind quintet) is a collaboration with Quinteto Latino, consisting of the decomposition and subsequent (free) recomposition of a selection of Latin American dances for wind quintet.

Victoria Machado – DJ Vicky Casis

Brooklyn, NY

Casis World is a sonic and visual representation of Music Producer/DJ Vicky Casis's mind and experiences during the rise of Covid-19.

Yayoi Ikawa

Brooklyn, NY

Pianist/Composer Yayoi Ikawa collaborates with musicians based on her experience during the Pandemic in healing, hope, and love.

Yongyun Zhang

La Jolla, CA

Collaboration with composer Rachel C. Walker and writer Autumn Tsai on a new work for speaking percussionist and electronics connected to the life of twentieth century Taiwanese novelist San Mao

Yozmit Kwon

Carson, CA

“Effervescent” is a multimedia presentation of music centered around the gathering, training, and performance of my original song, “Effervescent” by a choir of transgender/non-binary/gender non-conforming/gender fluid individuals from Los Angeles. The workshop has begun with 5-members in traditional Korean singing, meditation, movement, and costuming for the group to generate materials.

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