The Forest with special guest Warren Smith: (D)ruminations


Roulette is excited to present the percussion ensemble The Forest. This performance features collaborative work by Forest members, including Warren Smith’s Elements of a Storm (composed for M’Boom), and Andrew Drury’s (D)ruminations on Blackwell: Mu First Part & Mu Second Part. The latter explores sonic images, impressions, and extrapolations from Drury’s eight-year mentorship with Ed Blackwell.

Instruments include dustpans, tinfoil, drum sets, timpani, mallet percussion, gongs, concert bass drum, djembe, congas, piano, aluminum cookware, voice, five-floor toms, etc.

Andrew Drury, percussion
Gustavo Aguilar, percussion
Leah Bowden, percussion
Lesley Mok, percussion
Michael Wimberly, percussion
Warren Smith, percussion