Sawud Rayay

  • October 21, 2022
    8:00 pm

Mind on Fire presents…

“SAWUD RAYAY” a new symphony by Jamal Moore

also featuring Nik Francis, Ada Pinkston, and The Soft Pink Truth

Jamal Moore is a radical multi-instrumentalist and brilliant composer. Hailing from Baltimore City, he is a rigorous pedagogue and adventurous researcher in music and aesthetics. His new symphony “Sawud Rayay” shares his virtuosic exploration of the cosmos. The title translates to ‘Black Sun,’ the eternal nucleus of our star, around which all planets orbit in constant change.

Nik Francis is a DC-based percussionist and composer, whose vast fabric of work expands from quiet meditation to extreme exhultation. All of his work splits time into hyper energized chain reactions.

Ada Pinkston is a powerful somatic artist and founder of Labbodies, a haven and evolving workshop for performance artists in in and around Baltimore. Highly decorated and recognizaed her work is expansive and varied, including her embodied reconsideration of monuments, “Landmarked.”

The Soft Pink Truth is the solo project of Drew Daniel, half of the acclaimed electronic duo Matmos. The Soft Pink Truth is the intersection of the electric avant-garde, disco, and all sorts of esoteric sounds that fall outside the bounds of Daniel’s other work. This will also mark the release of his newest record, “Is It Going To Get any Deeper Than This?”

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