The Friday Informer: I'm Gonna Live Forever, I'm Gonna Learn How To Fly

The Friday Informer: I’m Gonna Live Forever, I’m Gonna Learn How To Fly

Fame, talent, and lessons from the Middle East. Plus: Reader Steve has a question.

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Molly Sheridan

Photo of the Week:
Jade Simmons brings new definition to the prepared piano.
  • Apparently even the demurest of wallflowers secretly wants nothing more than her 15 minutes. I wasn’t convinced, so I asked a friend of mine, considering how he has a history with the subject. I kid you not: his eyes sort of glazed over, his toe started tapping, and he began to sing
  • Think you’ve got perfect pitch? Prove it. (Just make sure Johnny Depp doesn’t try to cheat and copy your answers.)
  • The latest in ironic irony: Don’t Download This Song.
  • “One of the year’s best commercial releases…were it not entirely free.”
  • “(Musical talent) signals that if you can waste your time on something that has no immediate impact on food-gathering and shelter, you’ve got your food-gathering and shelter taken care of.” No laughing…the dude is serious.
  • Things may be rough in Tehran, yet the symphony still manages to put three contemporary pieces (including one by an American) on the program. Proof that the marketing departments of American orchestras are actually more intimidating than Supreme Leader Ali Hoseini-Khamenei. [via sequenza21]

Steve from Puxico, Missouri writes: “I’m beginning ideas for a new theme and variations/symphonic poem piece. In your/your readers’ opinion(s), what piece would be considered the “ultimate” theme and variations or symphonic poem piece (or, perhaps, a work which fits both categories). Just looking for a model to study.”

Anyone? Anyone?