Twelve Tidbits from 2011

2011 marked numerous changes—especially within the realm of technology and how we use it—that set NewMusicBox on the path to the present day.

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Alexandra Gardner

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1. This charming video was created by our January 2011 cover profile composer Mikel Rouse. He made it completely on his iPhone!

2. Speaking of video, NewMusicBox began streaming HD video via Vimeo.

3. We featured violinists:

4. And violists:

5. And electric guitarists:

6. Oh, and we featured some composers, too.

7. Also in the technological advances department, Schott launched a new digital publishing platform.
8. In memoriam: We continue to treasure the memory and music of Milton Babbitt, as well as that of the much-loved Peter Lieberson.
9. 2011 seemed to be the year, at least in this space, that some of our bloggers really dove into discussions of self-promotion. I mean, very, very into it!
10. My personal favorite concert experience of 2011 was hearing Mantra perform Michael Gordon’s Timber.

11. And let’s talk about choice post-concert negative comments!
12. Last, but most definitely not least–the big merger between the American Music Center and Meet The Composer, creating New Music USA became official!
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