The Friday Informer: This Is The End

The Friday Informer: This Is The End

Build it up and burn it down.

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Molly Sheridan

Photo of the Week: Hello, Mother Hubbard!

How do you solve a problem like a Grammy? 8bb is so, like, whatever, about their new little paperweight. Congrats, guys!

Build it up and burn it down. This week, everything old in music is new again, and that leaves us feeling just grand. Though, admittedly, we’ve also been drinking.

No, I’m kidding. It’s only 8 a.m. But seriously, there’s a lot of interesting music around here, and I’m just getting started learning about it. Frankly, I don’t care in the least what we label it, so leave me out of your silly arguments. To some people, it’s all just soundtrack anyway.

While you’ve had those earbuds jammed in your ears, I’ve been listening to the music industry twiddle its thumbs. Seriously, they had no idea it would all happen so fast, so it’s not their fault we’re in this awful situation. What? Oh, yeah? Um, well, don’t be tricked! That sort of thing doesn’t work for most people. Okay, let’s just send music fans to a desert island with some classic discs till we figure this digital music thing out.

While I was busy staring at what Anna was not wearing, Matthew was cracking musical jokes with scientific calculation and Bernie bid us adieu (though Anne is doing just fine). If you’re having trouble getting the news in this treacherous music media climate, you can pretty much be assured that somewhere someone is losing a priceless violin, Nigel is acting out, and a conductor is going to jail. And if you must pitch a blogger, tread carefully.

Elsewhere, Ethan gave us a million words, Poland gave us a million guitarists, and the UK showed off one small trombone player.

And with these links, The Friday Informer puts her “Closed for Renovation” sign in the window. We’ll be back later in the summer, all 2.0 and such, but meanwhile, go get some sun.

The End.