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Before we sing another chorus of “Auld Lang Syne” and bring the curtain down on 2018, we have an annual tradition among the staff here at New Music USA of revisiting some of the tracks that caught our ears and hung on for any number of good reasons. Don’t see a 2018 favorite of yours? We hope you’ll tell us more about it below in the comments so we can all give it a listen.

PLUS: New this year, you can stream the entire mix using our playlist feature. This listening option will allow you to easily save tracks to your own playlist as well.

Happy Holidays from New Music USA!!


Jennifer Jolley: Prisoner of Conscience

Album: Motherland
New Focus Recordings

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The score on ISSUU

I know that Quince’s second album made our list last year, but to me their latest (Motherland) is, to recontextualize Mao Tse Tung, a “great leap forward.” The centerpiece of this third Quince disc (featuring four recent compositions by four different women for unaccompanied female vocal quartet) is Jennifer Jolley’s Prisoner of Conscience, a substantive musical response to the 2012 trial and imprisonment of three members of the Putin-defying Russian punk band Pussy Riot. Though it was composed back in 2015, Jolley’s not-fit-for-radio-airplay, eight-movement cantata with spoken-word interludes is the ideal soundtrack and perhaps balm for our current “toxic” (to replay the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year) times.

—Frank J. Oteri, Composer Advocate and Co-Editor, NewMusicBox

12 Little Spells

Esperanza Spalding: 12 Little Spells

Album: 12 Little Spells
Concord Records

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“Grounded sensation of perpetual connection with the immensity of the external world,” reads the photo accompanying the release of “12 Little Spells,” an overture dedicated to the thoracic spine. With it, Esperanza Spalding conjures the grounding, expansive, connecting force of the twelve vertebrae between the pelvis and the base of the skull that anchor the ribcage and protect the spinal cord. This spell/song has cinematic swells that feel like breathing, like unfurling, like taking a giant full-body morning stretch while returning to your corporeality after a deep sleep. Spalding’s voice, supported by strings and guitar and bass and brass, stretches and expands alongside her lyrics.

On her website, Spalding writes that the concept behind her newest album, 12 Little Spells, came to her as an embodied tingling healing sensation. She touches upon her initiation into reiki and writes that she wanted to “harness these 12 little sensation-revelations into sounds, words, imagery, and performance that activates this healing, tingling effect in others.” For me, this collection of spells feels more like a grimoire than an album in the best possible way. If you are a body in need of some magical grooves, I would highly recommend treating yourself to a meditative hour of musical healing, courtesy of Esperanza Spalding’s 12 Little Spells.

—Mallory Tyler, Administrative Associate


Jlin: Abyss of Doubt

Album: Autobiography
Planet Mu

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Admit it, we’ve all been there. That’s what makes this short, intense track so compelling. Suggested listening mode is loud and with good headphones for the most dramatic impact.

After working in steel factory in Gary, Indiana, Jlin has taken the electronic music world by storm. An indefatigable touring performer, she’s been on the road almost constantly since May 2017. Despite that, she still found time for collaborating with choreographer Wayne McGregor on a major new work, Autobiography, from which this track and album resulted.

—Eddy Ficklin, Director of Platform

This is Not a Land of Kings

Gelsey Bell: This is Not a Land of Kings
Gelsey Bell, Amber Gray, Grace McLean (vocals)

Album: This is Not a Land of Kings
Gold Bolus Recordings

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Admittedly, I’m a sucker for the center of the Venn diagram of folk, a capella, experimental, female vocals. On this track and across the entire short EP, Gelsey, Amber, and Grace demonstrate the full expressive power of the human voice. Extended techniques mingle effortlessly with deeply satisfying consonant and dissonant harmonies. This track helps me suspend time for a moment before I get back to “rolling up [my] sleeves.”

—Megan Ihnen, Content Associate

The Landscape Scrolls

Peter Garland: mid-day
John Lane, percussion

Album: The Landscape Scrolls

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In the chaos of modern life which often sets my mind skipping, I found Peter Garland’s The Landscape Scrolls to be a recording which instantly focused my ear and attention. Spare lines of distinctly diverse timbres fuel the five-movement, 50-minute-long piece, expertly delivered by percussionist John Lane. In this setting, Garland’s musical imagination cuts an aural path that is striking for its clarity of expression and inspired in its cumulative effect. I have yet to find the lucidity many have achieved through the practices of yoga or meditation, but the resonances in The Landscape Scrolls shush the contemporary noise machine and offer up a centering sonic touchstone.

—Molly Sheridan, Director of Content

A Very Wandelweiser Christmas

Franz Xaver Gruber, arr. Meaghan Burke: Silent Night
The Rhythm Method

Album: A Very Wandelweiser Christmas

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The Rhythm Method are, individually and collectively, fierce, fearless, and virtuosic performers. They’re also a group of players who are unapologetically stylistically omnivorous and versatile, and have a definite sense of humor – which shows in their choice to release that rare animal, a new music Christmas album. (The last one I remember is Jerseyband’s Christmasband… in 2001? Which is also awesome but on a completely different level, volume-wise, to this one.) The quartet describe this album as “a cheeky but earnest tribute to the ethereal, soul-flossing music of the Wandelweiser composers’ collective” drawing on “those composers’ deep engagement with silence and slowness, with gentleness and the sort of beauty you have to lean in to hear.” If you like your holly jolly on the quieter, experimental, ASMR side, this is for you.

—Eileen Mack, Software Engineer and Platform Strategist

Yo Soy La Tradicion

Miguel Zenon: Viejo
Miguel Zenon and Spektral Quartet

Album: Yo Soy La Tradicion
Miel Music

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Miguel Zenon has for many years used his enormous artistic vision to draw attention to the music from his own cultural heritage. This collaboration with the Spektral Quartet is a striking addition to his body of work. This entire album is worthy of some deep listening, and it was recorded just at the time Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, making the project all the more compelling. I chose this particular track because it demonstrates a more introspective side of the music, which often goes unnoticed.

—Deborah Steinglass, Interim CEO

Book of Travelers

Gabriel Kahane: Model Trains

Album: Book of Travelers
Nonesuch Records

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Gabriel Kahane is such a phenomenal storyteller. On the album Book of Travelers, he captures many personalities and snapshots of lives within the romanticism of long-distance train journeys throughout America. In “Model Trains,he relates the story of a train-loving husband and father who goes slowly mad after hitting his head. The harmonic palette one might liken to romantic art song, which is probably what carried the story so poignantly for me upon first hearing it.

—Amber Evans, Grantmaking Associate


Julia Holter: Chaitius

Album: Aviary

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I’ve always really enjoyed Julia Holter’s work, and her new album, Aviary, is stunning. Each track offers its own beautiful, terrifying, and joyous world, worth multiple listens. I was initially taken by “Everyday is an Emergency,” which is full of bagpipe, brute-i-full amazingness. However the energy and chaotic-ness of “Chiatius” grabbed my attention. It delivers something of a more classical vibe mashup. It’s as if there are multiple pieces overlapping, ebbing and flowing over the top of each other.

—Scott Winship, Director of Grantmaking Programs

NewMusicBox Mix: 2013 Staff Picks

As a fond farewell to 2013, the intrepid New Music USA staff has chosen some of their favorite tracks from the past twelve months for this edition of the NewMusicBox Mix. Below you will find each track streamed separately on this page, as well as a continuous playlist of all of the tracks at the bottom of this post. Information about the recordings and purchasing links is intended to encourage further exploration and continued listening.
These artists have very generously donated their tracks to this project, and we encourage you to support them by purchasing their albums and letting them know if you enjoy what you hear!
Happy Holidays to all!—AG

Dawn of Midi: Dysnomia
Dawn of Midi: Algol
Thirsty Ear
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With Dysnomia, Dawn of Midi have confirmed that we no longer think about electronic music in terms of instrumentation; today’s definition has much more to do with content, sensibilities, and aesthetics. Though the Brooklyn-based trio’s percolating, slowly-permuting jams suggest minimal techno, they are created entirely by three acoustic instruments, performed live in a room together. There’s a drum kit, cymbal-less save for clicky hi-hats; a double bass, conversing with itself across registers; and a grand piano, performed so as to remind us why we call the piano a percussion instrument. Dysnomia is my album of the year, and “Algol” is one of its finest moments. Listen loudly and on the best speakers or headphones you can find.
Rafiq Bhatia, Development Manager for Institutional Giving

Son Lux: Lanterns
Son Lux: Lost It To Trying
Joyful Noise
Purchase via Bandcamp
I first encountered the music of Ryan Lott (Son Lux) this past year when he and Stephen Petronio Company applied for and were awarded for their project Like Lazarus Did. At the premiere I was totally blown away by the creative synergies he and the ensemble yMusic drew between acoustic and electronic sound—a difficult feat to accomplish in live performance, let alone in performance that is paired with such stunning choreography. I’ve been paying attention to this composer ever since, if anything for his totally unique voice and approach to sound. This densely layered and energetic song, “Lost it to Trying,” from his new album Lanterns, has been one of my favorite aural dissections since it was released in October. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.—Emily Bookwalter, Program Manager

Rose & The Nightingale
Rose & The Nightingale, I write you a love poem
Spirit of The Garden
Purchase via Bandcamp
Jody Redhage’s cello playing is well known in jazz and new music circles, as is her singing voice. Jody put together Rose & The Nightingale after a year of touring with Esperanza Spalding to play her own garden-inspired songs, using poetry from all over the world. The musicianship is impeccable, and the songs are beautiful. Also they will get stuck in your head. Catch one of their concerts in a botanical garden, or just buy the album for everyone you know.—Kevin Clark, Communications Manager

Three-Mountain Pass
Van-Anh Vanessa Vo, Three-Mountain Pass
Three Mountain Pass

Evocative vocals and enticing sonic landscape take you on an interesting, if short, journey.
Eddy Ficklin, Technology Manager and Developer

Brooklyn Babylon
Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society: Missing Parts
Brooklyn Babylon
New Amsterdam

I keep coming back to this album for Darcy James Argue’s stunning large ensemble writing (how often is it possible to hear an 18-piece jazz ensemble anymore?), and for the cornucopia of musical references that are smartly woven into the work. Though originally created as a multimedia work with stop-motion animation by Danijel Zezelj, the music on it’s own is truly a listening adventure!—Alexandra Gardner, Associate Editor, NewMusicBox

Build Me Up From Bones
Sarah Jarosz: Fuel the Fire
Build Me Up From Bones
Sugar Hill

As a “classical” violinist just beginning to break into the folk music scene, I am inspired by the melding of traditional and contemporary ideas—both musical and lyrical—in this powerful, original track by Sarah Jarosz.
—Ethan Joseph, Development Manager for Individual Giving

Hexgon Cloud
Erika: North Hex
Hexagon Cloud
Interdimensional Transmissions
Available on vinyl!

I saw Erika play a live set at the abandoned, re-appropriated Leland Hotel in downtown Detroit over Thanksgiving weekend as part of the homegrown Interdimensional Transmissions techno label’s “No Way Back” night of chaos. Imagine a decaying, decadent 1920’s gigantic ballroom, no heat to fight the bitter cold, completely dark except for a few disco lights flashing underneath a deflated hot air balloon sprawled behind the stage halfway covering the floor-to-ceiling windows. Erika had about 20 feet of gear lined up, and mesmerized the scant, but dedicated audience with her minimal, process-driven techno. She has defined herself as an electronic musician, and has become one of the focal points of the current Detroit techno scene.
Lorna Krier, Program Manager

Mobious Loop
Mathew Rosenblum: Sharpshooter
Boston Modern Orchestra Project conducted by Gil Rose
Mathew Rosenblum: Möbius Strip
Purchase from BMOP

Orchestras rarely take on microtonal music, except when certain members of the string and brass sections inadvertently play music intended for performance in 12-tone equal temperament with less than accurate intonation. This alone makes Boston Modern Orchestra Project’s perfectly in-tune performance of Mathew Rosenblum’s Sharpshooter, which is crafted from an idiosyncratic 19-pitch scale with equally beating minor thirds, a thing of wonder. But the fact that the music shimmers and grooves and that these otherworldly intervals are almost hummable make it an extremely satisfying, if slightly mind-altering, listening experience. For added enjoyment, try singing along with it!
Frank J. Oteri, Composer Advocate and Senior Editor, NewMusicBox

John Luther Adams: Inuksuit (excerpt)

When word came down that Doug Perkins was producing a recorded version of John Luther Adams’s powerful outdoor percussion piece Inuksuit, I wondered if committing such an expansive and variable work to something so fixed was really going to do the music and its underpinning ideas justice. After all, a big part of the live listening experience involves actively moving through the performance space and among the 9 to 99 percussionists involved, allowing you to hear “your” unique version of the music. However, while this recording (offered both on CD and high resolution surround-sound DVD) won’t change from play to play, the surround sound option and the excellent performances of the 32 musicians who bring it to life make it a powerful version all its own. To my mind, this is definitely not intimate headphone music. You’re going to want to find the best stereo equipment available to you and fill the space up with sound. Things may start off in the midst of peacefully chatting birds, but there are musicians with mallets coming up behind them and it will get loud!—Molly Sheridan, Executive Editor, NewMusicBox

A Lorca Soundscape
Alexis Cuadrado, “Danza de la Muerte” from A Lorca Soundscape

There was a lot of great jazz released this past year, reflecting a huge range of music in this genre, but I was asked to choose one, and Alexis Cuadrado’s Lorca Soundcape spoke to me. The poetry Lorca wrote more than 80 years ago during his time in NYC at the start of the Great Depression resonates still, and it becomes even more contemporary through Alexis’ cohesive and deeply personal rendering, which is influenced by Flamenco, African music and contemporary jazz. The selected track, “Danza de la Muerta” is an example of how well text and music are working together, as it opens with “The mask! Look how the mask comes from Africa to New York”. The performances, from Claudia Acuna’s both raw and silky voice to Miguel Zenón’s virtuosic saxophone, drive this profoundly moving work straight into our hearts.—Deborah Steinglass, Director of Development

NewMusicBox Mix: The Jazz Edition

NewMusicBox Mix: The Jazz EditionThis edition of the NewMusicBox Mix is drawn from the many different sound worlds of jazz. Focusing primarily on recent releases (as current as today!) there are some familiar names, as well as a few you may not have heard from yet. Whether you are a serious jazz buff or a curious listener, you’re likely to find something to pique your interest among these tracks.
Each piece is streamed separately on this page, with information about the recordings and purchasing links to encourage further exploration and continued listening. These artists have very generously donated their tracks to this project, and we encourage you to support them by purchasing their albums and letting them know if you enjoy what you hear!—AG

Brooklyn Babylon cover
Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society, The Neighborhood
Brooklyn Babylon
New Amsterdam

Capricorn Climber
Kris Davis, Pass The Magic Hat
Capricorn Climber
Clean Feed

Nourishments cover
Mark Dresser, Not Withstanding
Performed by the Mark Dresser Quintet
Clean Feed

The Kandinsky Effect, Johnny Utah

No Morphine No Lilies
Allison Miller, Waiting
Performed by Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom
No Morphine No Lilies

Rob Mosher, North By Northwest
Performed by Rob Mosher’s Polebridge

Sun Pictures
Linda Oh, Shutterspeed Dreams
Ben Wendel, saxophone; James Muller, guitar; Linda Oh, bass; Ted Poor, drums
Sun Pictures

Songs from The Ground
Mara Rosenbloom Quartet, Small Finds
Songs from the Ground
Fresh Sound

Inner Chapters
Jen Shyu, Elliptical / Wayward Son
Inner Chapters


Ten Freedom Summers
Wadada Leo Smith, Malik Al Shabazz and the People of the Shahada
Ten Freedom Summers

Craig Taborn Trio, Saints

NewMusicBox Mix 5: Percussion Focused

NewMusicBox Mix 5: Percussion FocusedThis edition of the NewMusicBox Mix is all about, well, hitting things! All of these recordings feature percussion in a variety of settings. Each track is streamed separately on this page, with information about the recordings and purchasing links to encourage further exploration and continued listening.
These artists have very generously donated their tracks to this project, and we encourage you to support them by purchasing their albums and letting them know if you enjoy what you hear!—AG

Dylan Ryan/Sand: Sky Bleached
Dylan Ryan / Sand, Barocco
Performed by Dylan Ryan, drums; Timothy Young, guitar; Devin Hoff, bass
Sky Bleached

Billband: Towards Daybreak
Bill Ryan, Rapid Assembly
Performed by Billband
Towards Daybreak

David Kechley: Colliding Objects
David Kechley, Dancing – IV. War Dance
Timetable Percussion: Matthew Gold, Joseph Tompkins, Matt Ward with guests Eric Poland and Chris Thompson
Colliding Objects

Everywhere Entangled
Stephen Gorbos, Push
University of Houston Percussion Ensemble
Everywhere Entangled

Robyn Schulkowsky: Armadillo
Robyn Schulkowsky, Armadillo Part II
Performed by Robyn Schulkowsky, percussion; Fredy Studer, drums; Joey Baron, drums
New World

Makoto Nakura: Wood and Forest
Carlos Sánchez-Gutíerrez, Winik/Té
Performed by Makoto Nakura, marimba
Wood and Forest
American Modern

John Cage: The Work for Percussion 2
John Cage, Second Construction
Performed by Third Coast Percussion
John Cage: Works for Percussion 2

Joseph Byrd: NYC 1960-1963
Joseph Byrd, Animals
Performed by ACME
Joseph Byrd: NYC 1960-1963
New World

Christian Wolff: 8 Duos
Christian Wolff, Percussionist 5
Performed by Christian Wolff and Joey Baron, percussion
Christian Wolff: 8 Duos
New World

Sean Noonan: A Gambler's Hand
Sean Noonan, Thank You
A Gambler’s Hand

NewMusicBox Mix 4: 2012 Staff Picks

NewMusicBox Mix 4: 2012 Staff PicksTo finish out 2012 with a bang, the intrepid New Music USA staff has chosen some of their favorite tracks from the past twelve months for this edition of the NewMusicBox Mix. Directly below you will find a link to download a folder containing all of the mix tracks. In addition, each track is streamed separately on this page, with information about the recordings and purchasing links to encourage further exploration and continued listening.

These artists have very generously donated their tracks to this project, and we encourage you to support them by purchasing their albums and letting them know if you enjoy what you hear!

Happy Holidays to all!—AG


DOWNLOAD NewMusicBox Mix 4: 2012 Staff Picks


One: Chamber Music of Kurt Rohde

Kurt Rohde, Concertino for Violin and Small Ensemble
Movement I. moto

Performed by Left Coast Chamber Ensemble

I like the sinewy energy of this movement, the surprising bits of beauty without narcissistic preening, the overall sense of a score assembled with maximum skill and economy—and a cast of solo and ensemble artists performing it all on this track with matching care and virtuosity. —Ed Harsh, President and CEO


Laurie Spiegel: The Expanding Universe

Laurie Spiegel, Appalachian Grove I
The Expanding Universe
Unseen Worlds


I chose this iconic track not only because Spiegel’s minimalist and analog electronic process and ambient aesthetic resonates deeply with my own, but also because this history is extremely interesting and an influence on much of the music I hear being created today. —Lorna Krier, Program Manager


Jenny Scheinman: Mischief and Mayhem

Jenny Scheinman, Blues For The Double Vee
Mischief and Mayhem

Order directly from artist


Jenny continues to inspire me with her ability to personalize diverse musical forms and idioms. In this track, Jenny invents a blues tune inspired by the great musicians who played the Village Vanguard (hence “Double Vee”) in its heyday, but that’s just her point of departure. With the backup of guitarist Nels Cline’s jazz-influenced rocking, Jenny explores a broad range of the violin’s harmonic and textural possibilities all in the space of 3:57. It’s quite a ride! —Ethan Joseph, Development and Administrative Assistant


Roomful of Teeth

William Brittelle, Amid the Minotaurs
Performed by Roomful of Teeth
Roomful of Teeth
New Amsterdam


I first heard this piece on the group’s Kickstarter video. The whole album is great, and it’s definitely about time we had a killer vocal group like this. I come out of choral music, and I’m so excited to get edgy vocal music on this level. The piece pulls together different vocal techniques in a bunch of different sections, and makes me want to go back and write more choral music. Play the section 4:48 to 6:30 on repeat when you need to feel awesome. —Kevin Clark, Communications Manager


Wet Ink Ensemble: Relay

Eric Wubbels, katachi: Etude I-II
Performed by Wet Ink Ensemble
Carrier Records

Order directly


I’m drawn to the piece’s color, textures, and shifting timbral elements. —Scott Winship, Director of Grantmaking Programs


Theo Bleckmann: Hello Earth!

Kate Bush, watching you without me
Performed by Theo Bleckmann
Hello Earth! The Music of Kate Bush
Winter & Winter


Amazing storytelling from both songwriter and performer. 1 + 1 = 3. —Edward Ficklin, IT Projects Manager


Alex Kotch: Alleys of Your Mind

Alex Kotch, Alleys Of Your Mind (excerpt)
Alleys Of Your Mind


Order directly


In 1981, seminal Detroit techno outfit Cybotron (Juan Atkins and Richard Davis) released an early single, “Alleys of your Mind.” Thirty-one years later, Alex Kotch writes his own “Alleys of your Mind,” at once a shout-out to one of his greatest influences, and a completely original refashioning of this and his other influences. There’s much I love about the original, and even more about Alex’s, which manages to bring together seemingly disparate elements into a work that speaks to me on so many levels. Plus, let’s just be honest here, it’s got three of my favorite things, all at once: a killer dance beat, a Meredith Monk-esque vocal line, and epic horns. You wouldn’t think it could work—but it does. —Clara Schuhmacher, Development Manager for Institutional Giving


Toby Twining: Eurydice

Toby Twining, Orpheus at the Gates
Cantaloupe Records

This is one of my favorite operas. The completely unique tonal journey Twining creates in Eurydice, from start to finish, yields an astounding emotional and musical experience that is, literally, breathtaking. “Orpheus at the Gates” is perhaps one of the most climactic moments of the entire opera, during which the aesthetic and harmonic resonance become most clear to me. In these minutes, the singers and cellist are able to so precisely embody the extended just intonation and creative vocal techniques that define the work, that I can’t help but feel I am standing in an other-worldly dimension with Orpheus, watching him open the gates of the underworld with his musical prowess. —Emily Bookwalter, Program Manager



Christopher Stark, Augenblick
Performed by Cornell University Wind Ensemble
Cynthia Johnston Turner, conductor

Two sound worlds that I always thought of as being light years apart are symphonic wind band and studio electronic music. But Christopher Stark’s 2008 Augenblick seamlessly weaves these realms together in ways that have made me rethink both of these idioms. —Frank J. Oteri, Composer Advocate and Senior Editor, NewMusicBox


Tim Eriksen: Josh Billings Voyage or, Cosmopolite on the Cotton Road

Tim Eriksen, Every Day is Three
Josh Billings Voyage or, Cosmopolite on the Cotton Road

Order from Bandcamp


“Every Day Is Three” offers an interpretation of the traditional folk tune “My Dearest Dear,” which contains such crushing lines as, “I wish my breast was made of glass and in it you might behold/Your name in secret I would write in letters of bright gold” and “If ever I prove false to thee, the raging seas shall burn.” Here performed alongside a striking bowed banjo accompaniment, the music sets the scene for a collection of songs that tell tales of grand love and epic voyages, tinted with all manner of cultural influences. —Molly Sheridan, Executive Editor, NewMusicBox


NewMusicBox Mix 3: Tracks and Treats

NewMusicBox Mix 3: Tracks and TreatsThis edition of the NewMusicBox Mix contains an assortment of tempting recordings to accompany Halloween escapades—from the creepy to the quirky and beyond. Directly below you will find a link to download a folder containing all of the mix tracks. In addition, each track is streamed separately on this page, with information about the recordings and purchasing links to encourage further exploration and continued listening.

These artists have very generously donated their tracks to this project, and we encourage you to support them by purchasing their albums and letting them know if you enjoy what you hear!—AG


DOWNLOAD NewMusicBox Mix 3: Tracks and Treats


Nonextraneous Sounds

Daniel Wohl, Saint Arc
Performed by Mariel Roberts
Nonextraneous Sounds


Light and Power

Isaac Schankler, Haunted House Aria
from Light and Power
Performed by Juventas New Music Ensemble
Chelsea Beatty and Christine Teeters, sopranos
Lidiya Yankovskaya, music director
Live performance, May 22, 2011
Cambridge YMCA Theater, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Available on Bandcamp


In Our Name

Annea Lockwood, Jitterbug (excerpt)
performed by David Behrman, John King, and William Winant
In Our Name
New World Records


St. Helena

Tim Kuhl, Tales of Transformation
Performed by Grey McMurray, guitar and effects; Rick Parker, trombone and effects; Jared Samuel, bass and celeste; Tim Kuhl, percussion
St. Helena


Song From The Uproar

Missy Mazzoli, I Have Arrived
Performed by NOW Ensemble
Song From The Uproar
New Amsterdam

Available November 13. 2012


District of Noise Vol. 5

Tag Cloud, Ominous Green Energy

District of Noise. Vol. 5

Purchase Directly


Sister Death

Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores, Unawake
Sister Death

Purchase Directly


NewMusicBox Mix 2: Strings of Summer

NewMusicBox Mix 2: Strings of SummerSometimes when a theme presents itself, the best action is to run with it! This edition of the NewMusicBox Mix consists almost entirely of music for string instruments. Directly below you will find a link to download a folder containing the eight tracks of the mix. In addition, each track is streamed separately on this page, with information about the recordings and purchasing links to encourage further exploration and continued listening.

These artists have very generously donated their tracks to this project, and we encourage you to support them by purchasing their albums and letting them know if you enjoy what you hear!—AG


DOWNLOAD NewMusicBox Mix 2: Strings of Summer


Janel and Anthony

Janel & Anthony, Big Sur
Where Is Home



Cornelius Dufallo, Journaling

Vijay Iyer, Playlist One (Resonance)
Performed by Cornelius Dufallo

Jeffrey Weisner, Neomonology

Armando Bayolo, Mix Tape: Kid’s Got the Beat
Performed by Jeffrey Weisner
Order Directly
(Release date: September 25, 2012)



Pauline Oliveros, Reverberations: Tape & Electronic Music 1961-1970

Pauline Oliveros, Fed Back 2
Reverberations: Tape & Electronic Music 1961-1970
Important Records

Anthony Paul DeRitis, Devolution

Anthony Paul De Ritis, Legerdemain
Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose, Conductor
Anthony Paul De Ritis: Devolution
BMOP Sound

Van Stiefel, Solaris

Van Stiefel, Souls & Raindrops
Performed by Van Stiefel and Holly Nadal
New Focus Recordings

Airi Yoshioka, Stolen Gold

Becca Schack, Pulse
Performed by Airi Yoshioka
Stolen Gold
Albany Records

William Brittelle & ACME, Loving The Chambered Nautilus

William Brittelle, Loon Birds in Meshed Crystal
Performed by Nadia Sirota and Clarice Jensen (ACME)
Loving the Chambered Nautilus
New Amsterdam Records


NewMusicBox Mix: Spring Fling Edition

NewMusicBox MixAt NewMusicBox we make it a point to feature as much great new music as possible, so we thought it would be fun to start our own mix series, built from some of the new and recent recordings that travel across our desks, land in our inboxes, and hook our ears out in the world. Directly below you will find a link to download a free mp3 file containing the nine tracks of the inaugural mix. In addition, each track is streamed separately on this page, with information about the recordings and purchasing information to encourage further exploration and continued listening.

These artists have very generously donated their tracks to this project, and we encourage you to support them by purchasing their CDs, and letting them know if you enjoy what you hear!—AG


DOWNLOAD NewMusicBox Mix: Spring Fling Edition


ETHEL: Heavy

John King, No Nickel Blues
Performed by ETHEL


Ergo: Sorrows of the Moon

Ergo, Sorrows of the Moon
If Not Inertia

Kati Agócs: Pearls (Peregrination)

Kati Agócs, Pearls (Peregrination) Movement II of Pearls
Performed by American Composers Orchestra
American Composers Orchestra Emerging Composers Series: Volume 1

Drew Baker: Stress Position

Drew Baker, Stress Position
Marilyn Nonken, piano
Stress Position
New Focus Recordings

Angelica Negrón: Remando En El Mismo Lugar

Angélica Negrón, Remando en el Mismo Lugar
Performed by Angélica Negrón

Order directly

David Crowell: Kaleidoscope

David Crowell, Kaleidoscope

So Percussion (with Cenk Ergün and Beth Myers): Use

Cenk Ergün, Use
So Percussion with Cenk Ergün and Beth Myers
Cage 100: The Bootleg Series
Cantaloupe Music

Order a limited release physical copy from Cantaloupe Music

Marcus Fischer: Up Above the Hill-Sky

Marcus Fischer, Up Above the Hill-Sky
INSTA/GRAM/BIENT: 25 Sonic Postcards

Check out entire project here and here

Free download available here

Eve Beglarian: The Flood

Eve Beglarian, The Flood
Performed by BRIM: Eve Beglarian (vocals), Taylor Levine (guitar), Malcolm Merriweather (vocals), Mary Rowell (bass), and special guest Ron Blessinger (violin)
Brim: Songs from the River Project EP (1 of 4)
Text: Robert Frost
Recorded live at Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY, 28 January 2012
Order a limited edition copy