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This One Goes Out To the One I Love


Thanks to services like Facebook and Spotify, you can’t throw a rock these days without hitting a piece of social media revealing the preferred playlists and listening proclivities of family, friends, and associates stretching across several degrees of separation. And it turns out that most people mostly like pop music. But your personal feed might be a bit different. For fans of new music, social listening can be a bit frustrating. When was the last time Spotify told you someone was listening to Charles Ives or John Cage? What about less famous, living composers?

Now it’s our turn to grab the bullhorn by the “on” switch and give a shout out for the adventurous music we wouldn’t want to live without. Why do you love new music? What piece of music has inspired you the most? Why does the world need contemporary music? Pull out your smartphone, fire up your webcam, or turn on your video recorder and start counting. Then upload your video and we’ll add it our list, giving the internet every reason to keep listening.