NewMusicBox Call for Content Pitches

Guidelines for how to pitch to NewMusicBox. We’re looking for original material that offers significant value and takeaway benefits for the new music community. We’re excited to share special knowledge that will uplift others!

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NewMusicBox Staff

NewMusicBox is doing another open call for pitches for content that will be published online in 2023! The deadline to submit is July 1, 2023.

We’re looking for original material that offers significant value and takeaway benefits for the music community. We’re excited to share unique knowledge that will uplift others!

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Using specific software tools (notation, DAW, etc.);
  • Writing for specific instruments/voice-types;
  • Practical matters such as concert production, PR, recording demos, etc.;
  • Online music presentation/distribution;

We are also very interested in articles that explore specific topics of concern to people’s lives in creating new music, such as balancing artistic pursuits with raising a family and how to maintain a balance between artistic pursuits, earning a living, and having a life. We will consider personal narratives as long as they have take-away value for the community.

We accept the following formats:

  • Articles
  • Video essays or short videos
  • Hybrids of prose, audio, video, and anything else!

All published content will be remunerated between $150 and $400.

  • Article prices will range depending on length and the level of research.
  • Video prices range depending on length and level of production work.
  • Hybrid presentations will be assessed and remunerated on a case–by–case basis.

Submission Guidelines

Send pitches to [email protected] with this subject line: “CONTENT PITCH FOR NewMusicBox” clearly marked. The deadline to submit pitches is July 1, 2023.

Please submit pitches along with 2 samples of previously existing work in the same format as that of the proposal you’re submitting.

We highly recommend reviewing previously published NewMusicBox content here.

Pitches should clearly and concisely convey the idea you plan to write about and why it matters. The best pitches display that you have deep knowledge of the topic, that you have an unmistakable sense of the angle or insight you plan to pursue, and that you can demonstrate all of that in only a couple of paragraphs. Pitches should also be written in the style you expect to approach the topic.

Submissions to NewMusicBox should be topical and relevant to our publication and follow accepted standards of digital communication. All submissions are subject to a moderation process that verifies material is appropriate and topical. The Editorial Team screens all incoming submissions and may reject manuscripts without further review, or review and reject manuscripts at any time in the editing/reviewing process.

Authors are expected to self-submit.

You will be contacted by an editor if your pitch is accepted. We plan to respond on a rolling basis through August 2023 so thank you in advance for your patience as we carefully review submissions. (Please note: if the topic you are pitching to us is time sensitive, please include that in the subject line of the email to expedite our response time.)

Thank you!