New Music Solidarity Fund

Written By

Megan Ihnen

New Music Solidarity Fund completes fundraising with $508,000. The Fund has covered 1,016 $500 grants.

I really want to thank you all for what you are doing. This grant is an immense help to me in this really insecure time- everything has been so up and down these last few weeks and I’ve really been stressing out not knowing what’s going to happen next. This email made my day today and has given me some hope for the future. Thank you to every single one of you working at New Music USA and those of you on this committee. This means the world to me. — Solidarity Fund Grant Recipient


The New Music Solidarity Fund, an initiative formed to grant emergency funding to musicians impacted by COVID-19, has concluded fundraising. At $508,000, the completed Fund has far exceeded its initial $100,000 goal, as well as its subsequent $500,000 goal; the Fund is now able to distribute emergency $500 grants to 1,016 applicants.

The New Music Solidarity Fund was made possible through the collective efforts of Marcos Balter, Julia Bullock, Claire Chase, Anthony Roth Costanzo, Du Yun, Reena Esmail, Judd Greenstein, Nico Muhly, Andrew Norman, Christian Reif, Christopher Rountree, Caroline Shaw, Conrad Tao, Seth Parker Woods, and New Music USA. This group sought to extend help to less-secure individuals within their community. Beyond this emergency bridge fund, the organizers and contributors hope to lay the grounds for a new financial and cultural framework that ensures the stability of musicians in the new-music scene. The New Music Solidarity Fund is administered through New Music USA, a 501c3 organization.

“The future of our whole community depends on generosity, support and, compassion for those who are the most impacted by this global challenge,” says Vanessa Reed, President and CEO of New Music USA. “It’s an honor to manage this fund in collaboration with visionary composers and musicians who share this belief – with the support of longstanding foundational supporters, alongside the hundreds of music practitioners who have kindly donated to this cause.”

Many artists, including Marcos Balter, Claire Chase, Susie Ibarra, Jen Shyu, Rebecca Sigel, Nadia Sirota, Conrad Tao, and Third Coast Percussion, also raised money for the New Music Solidarity Fund by turning online concerts into fundraisers. Organizations such as the OmniARTS Foundation and PARMA Recordings  also raised funds independently through streaming events.

The New Music Solidarity Fund would also like to thank Larry and Arlene Dunn, who donated proceeds from a recent recording project to the Fund; and Son Lux, R. Andrew Lee, Ginevra Petrucci, and more who donated proceeds from their titles on Bandcamp; as well as Just a Theory Press and Matthew Kennedy’s proceeds from the Book 1 of Miniatures to this and other charities.

The New Music Solidarity Fund could not have achieved this goal without significant generosity from the nonprofit and music communities. In addition to the outpouring of support from individual donations, several like-minded organizations have diverted their funds into major gifts. These are The Aaron Copland Fund for MusicAmerican Composers ForumThe Amphion Foundation,  Boosey & Hawkes, a Concord Company, Howard Gilman Foundation, Loud Hound Foundation, the New York Community Trust, and the Pacific Harmony Foundation.


New Music Solidarity Fund Collective

Marcos Balter
Julia Bullock
Claire Chase
Anthony Roth Costanzo
Du Yun
Reena Esmail
Judd Greenstein
Nico Muhly
Andrew Norman
Christian Reif
Christopher Rountree
Caroline Shaw
Conrad Tao
Seth Parker Woods

Support our continued solidarity

Now that fundraising for the Solidarity Fund has closed, we’re focusing our efforts on raising funds for organizational operations with three main goals:

  • increase our support of new music organizations—venues, festivals, presenters, and others who are at the frontline of commissioning and artist development,
  • provide resources to composers impacted by canceled work, and
  • sustain our services as a national advocate and resource, with an eye toward supporting those most impacted by the current crisis.

Your continued support will be directed toward these three goals, and would be immensely helpful in meeting the $200,000 fundraising target we’ve set to achieve them.

If you would prefer to donate by check, please fill out this form and contact [email protected] for information on our address as New Music USA staff works remotely.

New Music Solidarity Fund Donors

To date, the following people’s donations comprise the fund:

Anahita Abbasi
Mark Adamo and John Corigliano
John Adams and Deborah O’Grady
Sam Adams
Judah Adashi
Adele Renee Gray Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund
Christopher Adler
Behrooz Afghahi
Jean-Louis Agobet
Jean Ahn
Saar Ahuvia
Matt Albert
Patricia Alessandrini
Masha Alexander
David Allen
Bill Alves
Amelia and Christopher Ames
Eli Anders
Kristian Andersen
Evan Anderson
Sally Anderson
Miles Anderson (for Erica Sharp Anderson)
Sarah Angello
Julia Antonatos
Ingrid Arauco
Arcade Fire
Abby Aresty
Megan Arns
Claude Arpels
Lisa Atkinson
Matthew Aucoin
Elizabeth Austin
Emanuel Ax
Luciano Azzigotti
Nate Bachhuber
Lina Bahn
Arlene Bailey
Don Bailey
Claude Baker
Drew Baker
Jan Baker
Allison Balcetis
Katherine Balch
Brad Balliett
Doug Balliett
Marcos Balter
Marlene Bane
Bang on a Can
Eliza Bangert
Laura Barger
Carol Barnett
Matthew Barnson
Daniel Barolsky
Logan Barrett
Jean-Baptiste Barrière
Jeremy Barth
Brandon Barton
Jamie Barton
Laura Bass
Gabriel Baum
Robert Beaser
Richard Beaudoin (in honor of Stanislawa Myslicki)
Neil Beckmann
Lembit Beecher
Eve Beglarian
Richard Belcastro
Nicole Belmont
Matthew Bengtson
Jim Bennett
Samantha Bennett
Helen Benson
Nick Bentz
Ryan Beppel
Bridgid Bergin
Paul Berkolds
Amanda Berlind
Nina Berman
Derek Bermel
Whit Bernard
Lauren Bernofsky
Oscar Bettison
Megan Beugger-Roeseler
Bob and Marti Beyer
Gregory Beyer
Jean-David Beyer
Ranjit Bhatnagar
Julia Biber
Aaron Bielish
Lynette Biery-Stinson
Birmingham Art Music Alliance
Jon Bisesi
Andrew Bishop
Jonathan Biss
David Bither
John Blacklow
Mary Blodgett
David Bloom
Patrice Bobier
Phoebe Bognár
Carl Patrick Bolleia
Judith Boomer
Leni Boorstin
Deborah Borda
Andrew Boscardin
David Bowlin (for Claire Chase)
Gail Boyd
Keith Bragg
George Brandon
Colleen Brannen
Andre Bregegere
Martin Bresnick
J’nai Bridges
Nicholas Britell
Randolph Brockman
Karla Brom
Fred Bronstein
Catherine Brookman
Carol Brown
Eliza Brown
Jennie Brown
Silas Brown
Jon Brunelle
Steven Bryant
Thomas Buckner
Allyce Bullock
Julia Bullock
Barbara Burch
Diana Burman
Patrick Burns
Erin Busch
Kayleigh Butcher
William Butler
Madelyn Byrne
Donato Cabrera
Jeff Cadow
Reba Cafarelli
Morton Cahn
Jay Campbell
Miles Canaday
Daniela Candillari
Karina Canellakis
Andrea Canter
Barbara Huggins Carboni
Mark Carlson
Julia Carnahan
Jacqui Carrasco
Kate Carter
Cheryl Casey
Courtenay Casey
Aaron Cassidy
David Castro
Patricia Caswell
Christopher Cerrone
Yeji and Eric Cha-Beach
Raven Chacon
Deirdre Chadwick
Evan Chambers and Suzanne Camino
Wayla Chambo
Daniel Chandler
Yu-Hui Chang
Eric Chasalow
Claire Chase
David Chase
Elizabeth Chase
Ryan Chase
Phyllis Chen
Chen Yi and Zhou Long
Gloria Cheng
Michael Cherashore
Howard and Phyllis Cheskin
Anthony Cheung and Lu Wang
Dalia Chin
Pablo Chin
Paul Cho
Yoon Choi
Erik Christensen
Ty Citerman
Henry Clapp
Sam Clapp
Kevin Clark
Suzannah Clark
Ann Cleare
Maureen Clements
Anna Clyne and Jody Elff
Catherine Cochran
Jim Cockey
Lauren Cognetti
Nell Cohen
Roy Coleman
Henri Colombat
Composers Doing Normal Shit
Composers Inside Electronics
Regina Compton
Andrew Conkling
Robert Conley
Gene and Sheila Connors (Tribute to Third Coast Percussion)
Jack Conte
Amanda Cook
Emily Cook
Carson Cooman
William Cooney and Ruth Eliel
Jacob Cooper
John Corbett and Terri Kapsalis
Nicholas Cords
Darwin Corrin
Anthony Roth Costanzo
Carlos Cotallo Solares (for Wombat Trio)
Nathan Courtright
Adam Crane
Noah Creshevsky
Ralph Crispino, Jr.
Donald Crockett
Thomas Crowley
Craig Cruz
Sonia Csaszar
Miranda Cuckson
Nick Culshaw
Conrad Cummings
Flannery Cunningham
Viet Cuong
Charles Curtis
Andrew Cyr
Chaya Czernowin and Steven Takasugi
Chelsea and Hannes Czuchra Giger
Sallie D’orsay
Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim
Leatrice Damus
Susan and Edmund Dana
Richard Danielpour
Justin Davidson
Chris Davis
Greg Davis
Nathan Davis
Carolyn Davis (for International Contemporary Ensemble)
Anthony de Mare
Amanda DeBoer Bartlett
Geoffrey Deibel
Paul Dellevigne
Nicholas DeMaison
Aram Demirjian
Stéphane Denève
Donnacha Dennehy
Michael Dessen
Bryce Dessner
Zosha Di Castri and David Adamcyk
Mario Diaz de Leon
Robert Dillon
Stephen and Sharon Dillon (In honor of Third Coast Percussion)
Nimish Dixit (for Third Coast Percussion)
Christopher Dobbins
Emily Dolan
Kurt Doles
Laura Dolp
Carrie and Stephen Dossick
Natalie Draper
Paul Dresher
Mark Dresser
Pamela Drexel
FPaul Driscoll
Stephen Drury
Du Yun
Shayna Dunkelman
Brian Dunn
Larry and Arlene Dunn
Lisa Dunn
Matthew Duvall
Kristen Dye
Jan Eric Dyke
David Dzubay
Ryan Ebright
Jason Eckardt
Ken Eddings
Andrew Edwards
John and Janet Egelhofer
Daniel Eichenbaum
Paul Elwood
Harry Endicott
Randall Eng
Mark Enslin
Marti Epstein
Paul A. Epstein (for Larry and Arlene Dunn)
Cenk Ergün
Reena Esmail
Jeffrey Evans
Noa Even
Mary Lou Falcone
Ralph Farris
Evan Fein
Howard Fein
Sue Feingold
Marlon Feldman
Matthew Feldman
Sally Fenley
Michael Fiday
Inti Figgis-Vizueta
Hilary Finchum-Sung
Rachel Fine
Karen Fink
Veronique Firkusny
Ken and Penny Fischer
Austin Fisher
Doug Fitch
John Fitz Rogers
Liam Flaherty
Robert Fleisher
Kyle Flens
Jody Forrester
Joshua Frankel
Lauren Frankel
Ella M Fredrickson
Elizabeth Freeland
Don Freund
Sean Friar
Dianna Frid
Fred Frith
Rosalie Froom
David Froom and Eliza Garth
Francisco Fullana
Ashley Fure
Robert Gable
Lorenz Gamma
Johnny Gandelsman
Alexandra Gardner
Gabriel Gargari
Carol Garner
David Garner
Ron Gartner
Marc Geelhoed
Marty Geer
Doug Geers
Stacey Geldin
Michael Genese
Geoff Gersh
Grant Gershon and Elissa Johnston
Gordon Getty in memory of Charles Wuorinen
Marc Gilman
David Ginsburg
Janet Giovanniello
Rebecca Givan (in honor of Claire Chase)
Philip Glass
Caitlin Gleason
John Glover
Genevieve Goetz
John Paul Gonzalez
Tina Gonzalez
Brian Good
Maralee Gordon
Todd Gordon and Susan Feder (in memory of Albert K. Webster)
Michaelene Gorney
Norma Gossett
Gill Graham
Rick Graham
Denyce Graves-Montgomery
Marsha Gray
Bruce Greeley
Jacob Greenberg
Judd Greenstein
Mark Grey and Cath Brittan
Jennifer Grim
Lori Gross
Eric Guinivan
Jane Gullong
Esin Gunduz
Claire Gunsbury
Vijay Gupta
Ara Guzelimian (In honor of the wondrous Claire Chase)
Monika Haar
Ada and David Haber
Yotam Haber
Fredara Hadley
Charles Hagaman
Daron Hagen
Hilary Hahn
Dorrie Hall
Stephanie Hall
Nick Hallett and Zach Layton for Darmstadt ‘Classics of the Avant Garde’
Elisabeth Halliday-Quan
Tom Hamilton
William Hamilton
Tom Hamilton (In memory of Robert Ashley)
Catherine Hancock
Jonathan and Suzanne Hannau
Mark Hanson
Andrew Hardis
Hana Hardy
Brandon Harrington
Jonathan Harris
Deirdre Harrison
Stan Harrison
Ed Harsh
Sheila Haswell
Anthony Hawley
Will Healy
Caroline Heaney
Hear Now Music Festival
Ted Hearne
Aaron and Elizabeth Helgeson
Rebekah Heller and Rudd Taylor
Megan Henschel
Paul Hershenson
Douglas Hertz
Christian Hertzog
Ramin Heydarbeygi
Benjamin Hildner
Adrian Hills
James Hirschfeld and John Pickford Richards
Ellie Hisama
Brian Hoberman
Bruce Hodges
William Holab
Peter Homans
Hitomi Honda
Robert Honstein
Zona Hostetler
Nicholas Houfek
Clif Hubby
Gregory Hugh
Robert Hughes and Margaret Fisher
Craig Hultgren
Scott Hunter
Jon Hurd
Robert Hurley
Hanna Hurwitz
Susie Ibarra
Phyllis Imhoff Wulliman
Jeffrey Ingram
Carole Ione
Iowa Composers Forum
Takuma Itoh
Vijay Iyer
JACK Quartet
Colin Jacobsen
Eric Jacobsen
Lisa Jakelski
Pierre Jalbert
Andrew Barnes Jamieson
Joan Jeanrenaud
Dana Jessen and Michael Straus
Nathalie Joachim
Evan Johnson
Maya Miro Johnson
Timothy Johnson
Emlyn and Dan Johnson-Ketter
Jennifer Jolley
Kyle Jones
Russell Jones
Per-Arne Jonsson
Greg Jukes
Josh Jupiter
Sylvia Kahan
Jeffrey Kahane
Jenny Kallick
Laura Kaminsky
Christine Kanawada
Susan Kander
Emil Kang
Lisa Kaplan
Louis and Julie Karchin
Steve Karger
Mikael Karlsson
Ross Karre
Dave Kaufman
Peter Kay
Debra Kaye
Conrad Kehn
Jim Keller
Ryan Kelly
James Kendrick
Christopher Kennedy
John Kennedy
Aaron Jay Kernis
Jennifer Kessler
Stephanie Key
Carson Kievman
Patti Kilroy
Ha-Yang Kim
Soomi Kim
Tina Kinard
John King
Liz Kinsley (for Third Coast Percussion)
Laura Kirar (for Jolie Rickman)
Alexandr Kislitsyn
Heather Kitchen
Katinka Kleijn
Runa Klem
Jamie Klenetsky Fay
Ari Klickstein
Guy and Jan Klucevsek
Polly Klyce Pennoyer
David Koblitz
Nathan Koci and Alea McKinley
Jerry Kohl
Michael Kohlmann
Peter Kolkay
Sam Koplewicz
Alan Kornberg
Tae Kwak
Lil Lacy (for Marcos Balter)
Rhiannon Laffan
Hafida Lahiouel
Dave Lake
Greg Lambrecht (Coravin Greg)
Jodie Landau
David Lang
Beth Lange
Steven Lankenau
Felipe Lara
Aaron Larget-Caplan
Brooke Larimer
Kevin Laskey
Giancarlo Latta
Steve Layton
Anne LeBaron
Anne Lee
Charlotte Lee
Charmaine Lee
Lisa Lee
Mendel Lee
R. Andrew Lee
Jamie Leidwinger
Lenore S. and Bernard A. Greenberg Fund
Linda Lentz
Tania León (for Dora Ferran)
James LeRoux
Carol Levin
Bruce Levingston
Ilya Levinson
David Levy
Howard Lew
Michael Lewanski
George Lewis
Michelle Li
Lei Liang
Liza Lim (for Mark)
John Link
Daniel Lippel
Mark Lipson
David T. Little and Eileen Mack
Anqi Liu
Joann Lo
Annea Lockwood
Emma Logan
Allison Loggins-Hull
Sylvan Long
Jimmy Lopez Bellido
Levy Lorenzo
Marc Lowenstein
Norman Lowrey
Wang Lu
Barbara Lupoff
Barry Lynn
Rebecca Lynn McDaniel
Eric Lyon
Shaya Lyon
Payton MacDonald
Cristian Macelaru
Ryan MacGavin (for Marcos Balter)
Sky Macklay and Sam Pluta
Matt Macvey
A.Z. Madonna
Alanna Maharajh Stone
Erin Maher
Susanna Mälkki
Eric Mandat
Scott Manzler
Anna Marcus
Todd Marcus
Brian Mark
Adam Marks
Denman Maroney
Dan Marschak
KE Marshall
Pamela Marshall
Betsy Martens
Marya Martin
Jana Martin (for Third Coast Percussion)
Miya Masaoka
Hiroyuki Masuko
Ed Matthew
Lucy Mattingly
Nate May
Ilya Mayzus
Missy Mazzoli
Sean McCain
Lori McCann
Maia McCormick
John McDonald
Patrick McEvoy
Andrew McIntosh
Neal and Peggy McKeeman
Ryan McKinny
Blair McMillen
Daniel Medow
Jennifer Merck
Jennifer Michael
Joseph Michaels
Scott Miller
Dean Minderman
Andrew and Rachel Mine
Adam Mirza
Benjamin Mitchell
Nicole Mitchell (for Joan Mitchell)
Aakash Mittal
Michael Mizrahi
James Mobberley
Eric Moe
Hitomi Mokuno
Ingrid Monson
Allegra Montanari
Jon Monteverde
Amanda Moody
H. Paul Moon
Andrea Moore
Ted Moore
Philip Morehead
Margaret Morgan and Wesley Phoa
Thomas Morris
Beth Morrison
Tom Morrison
Quince Mountain
Zizi Mueller
Nico Muhly
Laura Mullen
Jordan Munson
Martin and Lucy Murray
Urania Mylonas
Ruben Naeff
Murali Nair
Donald Nally
Qasim Naqvi
Susan Narucki
Jani Narvefeffer
Eric Nathan
Fernanda Navarro
Beda Nelson Farrell
Osnat Netzer
Olga Neuwirth
New Focus Recordings
Nina Newhouser
John Newsam
Jeremy Ney
Tiffany Ng
George Nickson
Ken Nielsen
Ilona Niemtschke
Flemming Nordkrog
Kate Nordstrum
Andrew Norman
Nick Norton
Niloufar Nourbakhsh
Patricia and Bill O’Connor
Patrick O’Malley
Leah Ofman
Sharon Omens
Yoshiaki Onishi
Ursula Oppens
Michael Oshea
Frank J. Oteri and Trudy Chan
Edwin Outwater
Mountha Pacentrilli
Mark Palmer
Joo Won Park
Craig Parker
PARMA Recordings
Robert Paterson
Ed Patuto
Kirk Pearson
Alex Peh
Ronald Perera
Tristan Perich and Lesley Flanigan
Douglas Perkins
Cole Perkinson
Naomi Perley
Rick Perlstein
George Peters
Ginevra Petrucci, Flauto d’Amore Project
Phuong-Nghi Pham
Louis Philipson
Flip Phillips
Nick Photinos
Marina Piccinini
Alan Pierson
Nick Platoff
Sarah Plum
Sam Pluta
Movses Pogossian
Frances Pollock
Kenneth Pound
Premiere Commission
Sandy and Barry Pressman
Paola Prestini
Karl Pribram
James Primosch
Susan Pritzker
Joel Puckett
Stephen Pushor
Kevin Puts
Blythe Quelin
Shauna Quill
David Rakowski
The Randy Hostetler Living Room Music Fund
Varun Rangaswamy
Vicki Ray
Jody Redhage Ferber
Alan Reed
Vanessa Reed
Richard Reed Parry
Amadeus Regucera
Steve Reich
Ellen Reid
Sally Reid (for Rebecca Sigel)
Christian Reif
Terry Reimer
Ruth Rendleman
Sam Renshaw
Roger and Karen Reynolds
Kay Rhie
Fran Richman
Jacob Richman
Ethan Rikleen
Robert Ripps
Stanley Riveles
Michael Robin
Will Robin (for John Duffy)
Joshua Robison
Diana Rodriguez
Anne Rogers
Barbara Rogers
Kurt Rohde
Martin Rokeach
Hannah Rommer
Susan Rose
Jesse Rosen (for Claire, Chris, Julia, Marcos, et al)
Mathew Rosenblum
James Rosenfield (for Claire Chase)
Alex Ross
Bob Ross
John Rot
Alexander Rothe
Taylor Rothenberg-Manley
Philip Rothman (In honor of Bob Zawalich)
Christopher Rountree
Mary Rowell
Bahar Royai
Hannah Rubashkin
Joshua Rubin
Joseph Rubinstein
Robin Rue
Elena Ruehr
Curtis Rumrill
Robert Rushin
Anthony Ruth
Norman Ryan
Jason S (for Ruth S)
Kaija Saariaho
Deborah Sagner
Jane M Hussein Saks
Pablo Salazar
Richard David Salvage
Laurie San Martin
Barry and Nancy Sanders
Sallie Sanders
Eleonor Sandresky
Kyle Sanna
Kaitlyn Sansevieri
Alyce Santoro
Amelia Sarah
Amelia Sarah
Eileen Sauer
Annie Saunders
Gregg Schaufeld
Margaret Schedel
Wolfgang Scheuler
Steven and Brenda Schick
Carl Schimmel
Daniel Schlosberg
Sandra Schmid
Brian Schober
Edward Schocker
Adam and Janine Schoenberg
Scholes Street Studio
Schott Music
Schubert Club (in honor of Kevin Puts and the Miró Quartet)
Mary Schultz
Sarah Schultz
Peter Schulz
Lukas Schulze
Michael Schumacher
John Schwenk
Mary Ellen Scott
Sam Scranton
Seed Artists Inc.
Gerald Seixas
Peter Sellars
Joey Sellers (for Bolt Spillman)
Serpush Serpa
Nancy Shafman
Andrew Shapiro
Yevgeniy Sharlat
Yuval Sharon
Caroline Shaw
Wallace Shawn
Gary Shea
Kelley Sheehan
Kate Sheeran
Nina Shekhar
Sarah Shellman
Bright Sheng
Sean Shepherd
Martin Sher
So-Chung Shinn
Aida Shirazi
Nadia Shpachenko
Anne Shreffler
Jen Shyu
Fahad Siadat
Rebecca Sigel
Ron Silver
Rebecca Silverman
Emily Skidmore
Nick Skrowaczewski
Jessica Slaven and Ryan Streber
Sarah Small
Melissa and David Smey
Chad Smith
Dan Smith
James Austin Smith
Jordan Smith
Steve Smith
David Smooke
Sarah Kirkland Snider and Steven Mackey
Philip Snyder
Valerie Soll
Alex Somers
Kate Soper
Gregory Spears
Jared Spencer
Chris Stark
Tom Steenland
Rand Steiger
Jim Stephenson
Michael Stern
William Sterner
Matt Stiens
Alexa Still
Elisabeth Stimpert
Susan Stodolsky
Ingrid Stölzel
Alanna Stone
Nathaniel Stookey
Shannon Stratton
Andrei Strizek
Jill Strominger
Nathan J. Stumpff
Caitlin Sullivan
Kay Sullivan
Stella Sung
John Supko
Janis Susskind
Rita Sussman
Lawrence Sutton
Tamie Swain
Kirsten Swanson
Steven Swartz
Julia Tai
Margaret Tait
Tina Tallon
Roderick Tang
Conrad Tao
Todd Tarantino
Matias Tarnopolsky (In honor of Claire Chase)
Cyndi Tate
Paul Taub
Matthew Taylor
Maria Tegzes
Neil Tesser
Matthew Testa
Christopher Theofanidis
Michiko Theurer (In honor of Annea Lockwood)
Hans Thomalla
Augusta Read Thomas
Joshua Thomas
Isaac Thompson
Jessica Thompson
Frank Ticheli
Kyle Tieman-Strauss
Michael Tilson Thomas
Davóne Tines (for Michelle Antoinette Tines Spencer)
Devon Tipp
Edward Todd
Limor Tomer
Ceiri Torjussen
Joan Tower
Carolyn Trompeter
Jacobina Trump
Thomas-How Tsang
Ming Tsu
Hans Tutschku
Dmitri Tymoczko
Christy Uchida
Ken Ueno
Kojiro Umezaki
Chinary and Susan Ung
Paul Upham
William Upham
Mert Ussakli
Kirstin Valdez Quade
Jimmy Van Bramer
Libby Van Cleve and Jack Vees
Caleb van der Swaagh
Tricia Van Eck
Dan Vanhassel
Jorge Variego
Paul Vazquez
Sugar Vendil
Elsa Verderber
Andrea Verier
Leah Verier-Dunn
Kirsten Volness
Aleksandra Vrebalov
Ania Vu
Peter Vukosavich
Todd Vunderink
Jennifer Wada
Melinda Wagner
Joe and Nancy Walker
Melanie Walker
Larry Wallach
David Walsh
Jen Wang
Meng Wang
Philip Webb
Crystal and Jonathan Wei (to Claire and all the organizers)
Steven Weimer
Gail Wein
Brendan Weinbaum
Jennifer Weinbaum
Laura Weiner
David Weininger
Jason Weinreb
Kiko Weinroth
Alex Weiser
Marc Weiss (For Floyd Cardoz)
Brad Wells
Randall West
Trevor Weston
Bonnie Whiting
Drew Whiting
Tyler Whitmer
Mark Whitnall
Michi Wiancko
Beth Wiemann
Chris Wild
Evan Williams
Mason Williams
Reid Williams (for Solidaire)
Vina Williams (In honor of Conrad Tao)
Scott Wilson
Mark Winges
Scott Winship
Conrad Winslow
Nina Wise
Julia Wolfe and Michael Gordon
Gernot Wolfgang
Bruce Wolosoff
Francis Wong
Henry Wong
Shai Wosner
Bonnie Wright
Johnna Wu
Andrew Wyatt
Debbie Wylie
Scott and Karen Wylie
Hanako Yamaguchi
Lidiya Yankovskaya
Adi Yeshaya
Bora Yoon
Bryan Young
James Young
Jeffrey E. Young
Nina C. Young
Bethany Younge
Pamela Z
Rachel Z
Adriana Zabala
Eric Zahm
Lawrence Zbikowski
Kevin Zhang
Chen Zhao
Tiange Zhou
Lenny Zieben
Donna Ziel
Ted Zook
Julio Zúñiga
and 165 anonymous donors

Thank you also to The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, the American Composers Forum, The Amphion Foundation, Boosey & Hawkes, A Concord Company, the Counterpoint Fund, the Howard Gilman Foundation, Loud Hound Foundation, the Mattina R. Proctor Foundation, The New York Community Trust, the Pacific Harmony Foundation, Primephonic, the Robert Black Foundation, Wise Music Group, and the Yvar Mikhashoff Trust for New Music for their generous contributions.