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Imani Mosley

Nebal Maysaud: Rumored "Death" of Classical Music Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

A year after writing “It’s Time to Let Classical Music Die,” Nebal Maysaud says, “I still believe … that classical music as a field does still have a lot of conservative and neoliberal values. But what I’ve seen also indicates that, while our structures and power structures reinforce these racial hierarchies of white supremacy, there are a lot of individuals who are aware of that and want to make a change in that power structure; and are not content with how we abusing people of color in the field of classical music.”

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Frank J. Oteri

NewMusicBox LIVE: New Music Gathering

The concept for New Music Gathering was born in an online forum and now, in our time of physical distancing, it has been reimagined for virtual space.

Frank J. Oteri

Third Coast Percussion: The Collaborative Process

David Skidmore, Robert Dillon, Peter Martin, and Sean Connors of Third Coast Percussion explain how they introduce audiences to percussion instruments, how they each came to devote their lives to making music, the dos and don’ts for writing and performing for percussion music, the staggering range of music they have nurtured from an extraordinarily wide range of creators as well as some of their own original compositions, and finally what they are all have been doing to cope during our present unprecedented and uncertain time.