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Guest Editor series
Mark Frosty McNeill

dublab - Natural Soundscapes

dublab co-founder Mark “Frosty” McNeill visits Griffith Park to chat with Noah Klein, co-founder of the Floating collective which hosts a weekly series of roving soundscapes and soundbaths activated in unique and natural spaces. During the course of their conversation, Klein discusses his personal musical practice, history of community organizing through the lens of music, deep love of nature, and dedication to creative placemaking.

Guest Editor series
Maddi Baird

dublab - Maddi Baird's West Coast/Los Angeles Composers Mix

This mix illustrates the ways west coast & primarily Los Angeles based composers from the past and present experiment with timbre, tone, electronics & genre to create a distinct sound that can only be found through the geographical & natural landscape of the west coast.

Alejandro Cohen

dublab - Who Gets to Compose?

As we launch dublab’s collaboration with New Music USA, we welcome the opportunity to feature the work of many musicians we believe represent the current landscape of contemporary music composition as well as to bring up questions that are uniquely relevant to our current times.

Guest Editor series
NewMusicBox Staff

New Music USA launches NewMusicBox Guest Editor series

New Music USA launches NewMusicBox Guest Editor series with forward-thinking artists and organizations across the US First partnership kicks off today with Los Angeles-based radio station dublab, which will present original content  that explores the current landscape of music composition     New Music USA‘s web magazine NewMusicBox today launches its new ongoing Guest Editor… Read more »