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Nehemiah Luckett

Triple Threats is a new musical by Tracey Conyer Lee and Nehemiah Luckett set in 1981 that examines the intersection of race and being an artist in the US.

Musical Theater

Niloufar Nourbakhsh (Partnership Grantee)

Nourbakhsh directs the Composition Residency program at the Afghanistan’s National Institute of Music (ANIM), which provides composition workshops to young female creators in Afghanistan. Funded by a New Music USA Partnership Grant.

Contemporary Classical | Folk & Culture-Based Sound

Suzanne Kite

Suzanne Kite will be using these funds towards a performance on June 5th in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario where she will bring five other improvising musicians to create a new experimental composition, based on Lakota geometric forms.

Electronic & Sound Art | Experimental

Odean Pope

ReSounding Progressions is a composing/performance project, a collaboration between two accomplished saxophonist/composers, Odean Pope and Immanuel Wilkins, to create an integrated, evening-length composition inspired by the content and unique structure of the poem Progressions, written by jazz poet and cultural scholar Herman Beavers.


Amir ElSaffar

A multi-media creation featuring electro-acoustic music by Amir ElSaffar on trumpet, voice, santur, and modular synthesizer accompanied by animated oscillographic visual art created by musician, producer, filmmaker, and visual artist Devin Greenwood.

Electronic & Sound Art | Experimental

Concetta Abbate

A 45 minute Narrative Chamber Suite depicting the story an underwater shadow ghost. Highlighting themes of catharsis and trauma the music follows the life cycle of a tortured creature emerging from the deep sea. Written by Concetta Abbate for 10 piece orchestra.

Contemporary Classical | Experimental

Joey Chang + Damian Norfleet

Rajanir is a 30-40 minute opera incorporating improvisation and live processing electronics in development by composer-vocalist Damian Norfleet and composer-pianist Joey Chang.

Electronic & Sound Art | Experimental

Rema Hasumi

Rema Hasumi Trio Concert Series: Randy Peterson (drums) and Adam Lane (bass) will join Hasumi (piano, synthesizer, voice) for a series of performances presenting a soundscape with a blend of free jazz, experimental, dub, esoteric and spiritual ambiance.

Experimental | Jazz

Noah Preminger

Through their mutual focus on pushing the boundaries of instrumental virtuosity toward innovative uses of rhythm and harmony, Preminger and Cass' strong connection through their THUNDA project continues to move the artists’ compositions and improvisations into new territory.

Experimental | Jazz

Shanan Estreicher

A Concordance of Leaves is a cantata for baritone, choir, and piano that will be premiered by James John and the Queens College Vocal Ensemble, and recorded for a release on Composers Concordance Records.

Choral | Contemporary Classical

Jessica Ackerley

Breaking Boundaries to Broaden Horizons: Sonically, Socially, Culturally, Politically. This is a diverse quartet of performers reimagining the idea of a conventional concert by breaking sonic and cultural boundaries through the merging of jazz, experimental noise, Brazilian and traditional Japanese music.

Experimental | Folk & Culture-Based Sound | Jazz

Bobby Ge

Nanjing West Road is a new 20 min. work for soprano, chamber ensemble, and electronics that themes of memory, loss, and Westernization in 21st century Shanghai through the blurred lens of a lost friendship.

Contemporary Classical | Electronic & Sound Art | Experimental

Nicolas Lell Benavides

Benavides' debut album Canto Caló explores the cultural themes and sounds of the often-overlooked Southwestern United States, focusing on Nuevomejicano culture and history in particular.

Folk & Culture-Based Sound

Joyce Kwon

Future History is an album rooted in Jungian thought in which singer/composer/gayageum player Kwon reminisces on the "deep time" of Richard Rohr, recreates "the sound that broke the back of words" from Toni Morrison, and imagines Zhuangzi in love—inviting you to usher the numen back into your life through song.

Folk & Culture-Based Sound

Clara Latham

Betty the Mom is the second installment in a series that radically imagines the lives of historical women who were also mothers.

Contemporary Classical | Electronic & Sound Art | Experimental | Opera

Paul Steven Ray

Deceleration 2, a Live installation for voice, guitar, percussion, digital/electronic sound, visuals, and physical performers is one chapter of an extended work addressing themes of fragility, parallel realities, and protective love.

Contemporary Classical | Electronic & Sound Art | Experimental | Opera

Christopher Nicholas

Nicholas is commissioning composer pianist, JooWan Kim and Edward James (aka Sandman) to write music and rap lyrics for a new work called Parangsae 파랑새 (meaning “Blue Bird”). It’s an ambitious work that samples hip-hop, classical, and a Korean folk song, Parangsae, which originated from Donghak Peasant Revolution of 1849, Korea. It will premiere as part of the Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience at Asian Art Museum in collaboration with SF Arts Commission on Nov 10, 2022.

Contemporary Classical | Folk & Culture-Based Sound | Soul, Hip Hop, R&B

Samantha Rise

Remembrance is a work of communal music making, honoring our grief for the world, and the hardship of loss, separation and inaccessibility during the Coronavirus pandemic. Collectively brought to life with audience collaboration during its performance, artists will create a ritual-container, leveraging music as a technology for community care.

Experimental | Jazz

Damon Davis

Ligeia Mare is a sci-fi electronic fantasy opera written and composed by Davis. It tells the story of Cosmo, an awkward adolescent who can astral project while dreaming. Ultimately it is a story that explores how myths can be doorways to reclaiming our identity.

Contemporary Classical | Electronic & Sound Art | Experimental | Opera

Seong Ae Kim

Seong Ae Kim composed a new work "2 Folk songs for soprano and chamber ensemble (2022)" to promote #StopAAPIHate and Left Coast Chamber Ensemble who commissioned the work and will give the premiere performance in San Francisco, CA.

Contemporary Classical | Folk & Culture-Based Sound | Opera

Jim Rea

Rea will create a collaborative, multi-generational album titled Ozark Cross Generation Songwriter Collaboration, featuring musicians and songwriters that are native to the Ozarks region in hopes of continuing the rich musical tradition they have there.

Folk & Culture-Based Sound

Juhi Bansal

Bringing together community participation, shared story-telling, and cross-stylistic collaboration in Hindustani and Western classical music, Juhi Bansal and Ranjana Ghatak spearhead Amplifying Women's Voices, an album and digital space on music about women's stories.

Contemporary Classical | Electronic & Sound Art | Experimental | Folk & Culture-Based Sound

Julián Muro

Julián Muro, the Bergamot Quartet, and a band of highly accomplished jazz players will be workshopping, performing, and recording a set of original compositions titled An Idea of Truth based on Julián's distinctive approach to Argentine styles such as Tango, Folklore, and Rock Nacional, with production by acclaimed musician Dave Douglas.

Experimental | Folk & Culture-Based Sound | Jazz

Julian Otis

Mad Myth Science is an electro acoustic quartet sustained throughout the pandemic as a collaborative effort to keep the music going in our isolation. Our goal is to share this cumulative work with audiences through a recorded album and live performances in 2022.

Contemporary Classical | Experimental | Folk & Culture-Based Sound | Jazz

Andrew Algire

Recording of three compositions by Andy Algire for the group Sound Bridges.

Folk & Culture-Based Sound | Jazz

Alex Peh

Burmese Sandaya Piano is a multi-modal ethnographic film and live performance that explores parallel piano worlds from around the globe, featuring Burmese Sandaya piano, Persian piano, and Greek Laiko styles.

Contemporary Classical | Folk & Culture-Based Sound

Victor Márquez-Barrios

Dance Lessons II (for wind quintet) is a collaboration with Quinteto Latino, consisting of the decomposition and subsequent (free) recomposition of a selection of Latin American dances for wind quintet.

Contemporary Classical | Folk & Culture-Based Sound

Julian Caldwell - JSWISS

Rapper JSWISS collaborates with producer Michael Leonhart on their dynamic debut album "Bona Fide" after a successful run of JSWISS featuring on live performances with Leonhart's orchestra in 2019.

Folk & Culture-Based Sound | Jazz | Soul, Hip Hop, R&B

Jordyn Davis

Recording Jordyn Davis & Composetheway, the title of Davis' debut album featuring a mixed chamber ensemble that includes jazz octet, strings, harp & vocals.

Contemporary Classical | Jazz

Kimia Hesabi

"Neera: a play" is a multimedia piece telling a story about real and fictional women from Iran, taking inspirations from Farsi literature, myths, and poetry, as well as Iranian and western classical, contemporary, and folk music traditions.

Contemporary Classical | Folk & Culture-Based Sound