Words into Music

  • 897 S Columbus Ave, Mt Vernon, NY 10550
  • November 20, 2021
    1:00 pm

A 2020 Arts Initiative Award Winner from ArtsWestchester for her project Words Into Music, Pamela Sklar created Words Into Music. This three-part project began with individual conversations with more than forty community members from Mount Vernon, NY. Residents and employees of this city shared stories about their family situations, community issues, personal struggles and hopes & dreams. Their shared soulful and sometimes devastating experiences were poignantly inspiring to Pamela and gave her powerful material to create music with.

Words Into Music’s three-part project consists of
Conversations. Composing (turning words into music). Performing.

The performance co-features Pamela Sklar composer, flute, bass flute and Native American flute, Jim Ferraiuolo, oboe & English horn, and Enid Blount Press, clarinet & bass clarinet.

This will be the world premiere in-person performance.