The Shape of Water

Boise Phil presents The Shape of Water Featuring The Percussion Collective in Neustadter's Seabourne with Orchestra


Boise Phil

  • Velma V. Morrison Center
    2201 W Cesar Chavez Ln, Boise, ID 83725

  • 7:30 pm

Like nature, music awes and inspires with its ferocious power, stunning beauty, and subtle colors. Float down The River on a lazy afternoon with Duke Ellington, as the music meanders through whirlpools, skips over giggling rapids, and flows across waterfalls. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the ocean with Seabourne with Orchestra, complete with breathtaking aquatic visuals projected above the orchestra. And take a flight of fancy in Scheherezade, an all-time favorite that transports us to a magical world that shimmers and sparkles.