The Lodge Presents: LIGAMENT / Jenn Howd / Planchette


7:00 doors, 7:30 show $20 suggested donation (cash, cc, Venmo)

LIGAMENT (Anika Kildegaard + Will Yager) will present a program of new works for voice and double bass which explore the vast sonic worlds made possible by this duo’s unique instrumentation. Highlights include Nick Bentz’s please continue which examines the relationship between psychedelics and American politics from the 80s to today; Ruby Fulton’s and if not, why not which reveals the isolating effects of interstate migration on new mothers in early 20th century America; and James Dillon’s A Roaring Flame: a glossolalic summoning, a primordial and macabre incantation. The program will also include works by Stefano Pierini, Amy Beth Kirsten, and Katherine Balch. The surprising combination of double bass and voice brings a new and exciting world of sound to the pressing and political pieces on this program.

Recently described as “perverse and nihilistic” by someone on Twitter, Anika Kildegaard (voice) and Will Yager (double bass) are LIGAMENT, an ensemble dedicated to commissioning new music and creating work for their unique instrumentation. LIGAMENT’s performances are a fusion of standard and non-standard elements; sometimes there are high heels and sometimes there are electric toothbrushes (and sometimes both). The duo is equally at home with extended techniques as with extra-musical elements.

LIGAMENT is currently based in Baltimore/Philadelphia.

Jenn Howd enjoys making ambient/experimental music, soundscapes, and sound art. Check out their work on bandcamp, Welsh label Amgueddfa Llwch, and AEMC Records: Adrift, Tocsin, Oonagh, Dissonance, Emerge (available on vinyl), ˈkwaɪət, One Last Breath, Unquiet. You can also follow them on Instagram (@JennHowd).

Planchette finds warmth in harsh sounds and unexpected inspiration in the minutiae of near-silence through improvisation, delayed loops, and acoustic resonance.

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