Tableau in Frida Kahlo’s Oasis

  • San Antonio Botanical Garden
  • September 27, 2021
    7:00 pm

SOLI Chamber Ensemble opens its new season at the San Antonio Botanical Garden with Tableau in Frida Kahlo’s Oasis. The Garden’s current exhibit, Frida Kahlo Oasis, is the inspiration for a vibrant evening filled with fusions of dance rhythms and contemporary expressions in the music of Aaron Prado, Arturo Marquez, and Robert Xavier Rodriguez. SOLI welcomes guest artist Jacquelyn Matava, mezzo-soprano, to the stage.

Tableau includes San Antonio composer Aaron Prado’s recent adaptation for SOLI of his “Ofrenda,” written in 2015 as a tribute to Frida Kahlo, and Arturo Marquez’s sinuous and joyous celebration of the danzon: “Zarabandeo.” San Antonio native Robert Xavier Rodriguez’s music is the centerpiece of the evening as SOLI will present his Concert Suite from the opera “Frida” with Jacquelyn Matava and “Musica por un tiempo,” commissioned and premiered by SOLI in 2008.