Song in Flight

  • Mulitcultural Arts Center 41 Second St, East Cambridge, MA 02141
  • September 23, 2023
    8:00 pm

Song in Flight will feature music written by Oliver Caplan, Libby Meyer, Mari Kotskyy, Angus Davison, Joshua Shank, Beth Ratay, and Christina Rusnak. Their works will be performed by Ryan Shannon, violin; Lu Yu, viola; Thomas Barth, cello; Celine Ferro, clarinet; Thomas Schmidt, percussion; Jonathan Hess, percussion; Julia Scott Carey, piano; Kelley Hollis, soprano; and Nicholas Southwick, flute.  Juventas is a contemporary chamber group that shares classical music as a vibrant, living art form. We bring audiences music from a diverse array of composers that live in today’s world and respond to our time.

Audience members may watch this performance either in person at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge, MA, or online via a Youtube livestream.

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