Led by alexa dexa soaking in their bathtub, soak is a virtual and immersive electroacoustic toy opera co-created with and for Disabled folks in, with, or near any body of water, real or imagined (because who is the arbiter of what is real anyway?). soak is a communal ritual for soaking until the ache dissipates into lull. A small journey in a small space where the expanse is within you, the story is yours. A ritual soak that moves beyond cure to ask what would feel healing for you, for right now?

Performed live over Zoom, the sound world of soak is shaped by alexa dexa soaking in a bathtub filling, filled with, and drained of water; their vocals; live electronic processing in alexa’s custom patch in MaxMSP; pre-programmed electronic sequences crafted by alexa in Reason; and the glacially timeshifted sounds of alexa’s toychestra (toy piano, toy chimes, toy harp, alto xylophone, toy glockenspiel, desk bells) in collaboration with the sounds of audience members and their bodies of water, soaking.