Miniatures: Take 2

  • online
  • December 10, 2022
    8:15 pm

Since our virtual concerts were a success during the pandemic, and we were able to reach audiences far beyond Baltimore, we have decided to keep this format, and virtually program some of our concerts. Miniatures: Take 2 continues the concept of presenting short compositions and excerpts (in this case 2 minutes) by Ray Fields, Jonathan Newmark, Garth Baxter, Gavin Brown, Janice Macaulay, Keith Kramer, Josh Levin, Jin-Hwa Choi and Ljiljana Becker. The orchestral choices include string trio (Stream String Trio), woodwind quintet (Daraja Ensemble), soprano & piano (Jessica and Joseph Satava), solo piano (Bonghee Lee and Gavin Brown), piano duo (Ji-Hyun Kang and Young Hwang-Bo), a radiophonic collage, and digitally generated sound.

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