Magdalene: I am the utterance of my name


“I am the utterance of my name” is a music-theater piece on Mary Magdalene, by playwright/performer Sylvia Milo (creator of “The Other Mozart”) and composer/percussionist Nathan Davis.

Equal parts theater, experimental music performance, and ritual, the piece untangles the net of beliefs, contradictions, iconography, and decrees that have surrounded Mary Magdalene for 2000 years — ideas which fundamentally shaped our history and our reality today.

Drawing from diverse texts and primary sources – Biblical, Gnostic, heretical, Medieval, and modern – Milo creates a prismatic image through seven apparitions of Mary Magdalene. Davis performs his score on instruments both ancient and modern – hammered dulcimer, harmonium, and hand drums – interweaving a sound design built from field recordings from sites significant to the myths.

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