Help female-led band, Sororii, complete their debut album, Esperanza!

  • Online
  • November 30, 2021
    8:00 am

Help female-led ensemble, Sororii, record their debut album, Esperanza! This campaign launches a CD preorder, supports 2 songwriting “bootcamps”, hires 2-3 world musicians, and pays for a bassoon mic system, additional studio fees, & album cover artwork.

Sororii was formed in early 2021 by afro Colombian cellist Carolina Borja and bassoonist, Arleigh Savage.

In spring of 2021, Carolina was awarded $4,000 from NewMusic USA to produce and record an original album of music called Esperanza. Esperanza means hope in Spanish. This generous grant launched Sororii’s recording project, but we are still short on funds needed to make this album MAGIC for its debut in 2022!

Your contribution would cover:

Additional studio fees for recording, mixing and mastering.
Dual-microphone amplification equipment for the bassoon.
Original album artwork by Lorena Alvarez(@artichokekid).
2- 4 day songwriting bootcamp sessions.
2-3 world musicians fees.