Expression: Ism


A FREE multimedia collaboration between Ensemble for These Times (E4TT) and SFCM TAC exploring music from the Second Viennese School and new music inspired by it, “Expression: Ism” will feature four World Premieres–a new chamber arrangement by Berg’s early masterpiece, Sieben Frühe Lieder by TJ Martin; commissioned trios by E4TT co-founder David Garner and Valerie Liu; the winner in the E4TT/TAC student composition competion– plus music by Arnold Schoenberg, Webern and Adam Schoenberg (b. 1980). The program will include visuals from the Arnold Schoenberg Center, expressionist painters, Stephanie M. Neumann, and real-time processing0
With a pre-concert composer talk.

Performed by E4TT with guests Bryana Marrero, soprano, Elizabeth Clark Hall, percussion, Lylia Guion, violin,
Amy Brodo, cello, Laura Reynolds, English horn, Taylor Chan, piano, and emerita pianist Dale Tsang.