Ensemble in Process: Ensemble in Visual Motion

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • September 23, 2022
    8:00 pm

Ensemble in Visual Motion will be a concert dedicated to works accompanied by visuals on screen, with an homage to the art of Hollywood cinema. Works by Meredith Monk, Steve Reich, Evan Fein, Ursula Kwong-Brown, Ian Dicke, Anuj Bhutani, Ted Hearne, and Brian Mark will be programmed on this concert, and will be its second thematic performance here in NYC, after the debut event in Los Angeles from May 17, 2022. This will feature performances by Allyson Clare (violin/viola), Ford Fourqurean (clarinet), Tessa Brinckman (flute), and Brian Mark (piano).

Ellis Island / Meredith Monk
-Brian Mark, Piano and Video Installation

New York Counterpoint / Steve Reich
-Ford Fourqurean; Clarinet; Brian Mark, Video Installation

Blue Song / Evan Fein
-Brian Mark, Piano and Video Installation

Reflections on Rothko / Ursula Kwong-Brown
-Allyson Clare, Viola; Ursula Kwong-Brown, Visuals

Get Rich Quick / Ian Dicke
-Brian Mark, Piano; Kate Alexandrite, Video Installation

La Voix du Dauphin / Brian Mark
-Tessa Brinckman; Flute; Brian Mark, Video Installation

To the Lighthouse / Anuj Bhutani
-Allyson Clare, Violin; Brian Mark, Video Installation

Nobody’s / Ted Hearne
-Allyson Clare, Viola; Brian Mark, Video Installation

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