Composers Concordance Presents Composers with Drinks Listening to Music (live)

  • Gallery MC 549 W 52nd St, NYC
  • October 14, 2022
    7:00 pm

On October 14th at 7pm at Gallery MC, Composers Concordance presents a Live concert of the podcast ‘Composers With Drinks Listening To Music’.

Hosts Gene Pritsker and Seth Boustead discuss a featured alcohol, listen to music centered around a theme, and talk about the sounds they hear as the alcohol loosens their inhibitions. With featured guest composers including Lynn Bechtold, Charles Coleman, Dan Cooper, Gilbert Galindo, Ginka Mizuki, and Clemens Rofner. Poet and show regular Robert C. Ford (aka The Wall Street Poet) will be on hand to supply the alcohol inspired by this show’s theme: ‘Spontaneity’. The CompCord Ensemble featuring Lynn Bechtold – violin, Michiyo Suzuki – clarinet, Molly Aronson – cello and Jai Jeffryes – piano, will perform compositions from this live episode at MC Gallery as all involved listen, discuss and drink the night away.

Featured compositions include ‘Microcosms’ by Gilbert Galindo, ‘Isolation’ by Charles Coleman, Seth Boustead’s ‘Blue Angel’ and Gene Pritsker’s ‘Spontaneous Salon’, as well as arrangements of music by The Flaming Lips and “Cannonball” Adderley/Nat Adderley.